Please Stop Glossy Console Design

From EGMR, "This needs to be said. There is an an epidemic affecting the console industry and it is glossy plastic. This week has been all about E3, and now you might be thinking of investing in one of the new consoles, be it a PS4 or Xbox One. But why do these consoles have to use glossy plastic in their design, and as part of their outer-shells".

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reddfoxx3601586d ago

Well, first off, the Glossy console design is attributed to the home entertainment systems that are on the market.
Let's see here, the entertainment unit is BLACK, the Blu-Ray/DVD players are BLACK, Cable boxes (most) are Black.

Humm even TV's are black... SO, I guess that is why the console is black with some gloss to make it stand out..

Next silly question...