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A new development team at Ubisoft Montreal is now in charge of the Rainbow Six series after the cancellation of Rainbow Six: Patriots, a game originally announced during Ubisoft’s 2012 E3 press conference.

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tastas211591d ago

Siege is interesting... but I don't know if it's for me.

Evilsnuggle1590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )

My best new game of E3 is rainbow six siege. I love this game can wait for this game The Division and the witcher 3 . I hate twitch shooters I like tactical shooters like The siege.

elninels1590d ago

The announcement of a new rainbow six this year got me as hyped as the kingdom hearts 3 announcement last year. My one fear was how bullet spongey everybody seemed. I'll watch the trailer again but im nervous.

otherZinc1590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )

That demo was Fantastic!

If there's no single player, I'll be devastated.
If there's no Terrorist Hunt, I'll be disappointed.! !

I may save my money.

Matt6661590d ago

I really hope there single player on it and if there not a terrorist hunt maybe different modes like search and rescue etc. But it nice to see that Rainbow 6 is returning to it roots.

pat_11_51591d ago

I'm not sure if I'll play it either. I like the idea, but the learning curve seems so steep.

Majin-vegeta1590d ago

So in other words.You wont play it cuz it doesn;t hold your hand like 99.9% of shooters out there??Gotcha.

Allsystemgamer1590d ago

It's returning to how rainbow 6 started. Vegas was NOT rainbow 6.

SITH1590d ago

Exactly. A Lot of these kiddies are to new out of momma's womb to remember what rainbow 6 was like originally. It was more about tactics than anything.

Ashby_JC1590d ago

Steep learning curve?????

Are you serious??

I HOPE the game is as good as it looks. Its pretty much 5 v 5 with an objective and a very low time 3 minutes.

I just hope the implement something that forces players to PLAY THE OBJECTIVE and not just turn matches into mini deathmatches.

camel_toad1590d ago

It reminds me of counter-strike which is a good thing but combined with the destruction and it being rainbow six that has me really excited.

elninels1590d ago

So was ghost recon, but when it clicked, with a team that communicates and against a team that communicates, it got heavy.

pat_11_51590d ago

Yea, it'll be great, but only if you get up matched up with an awesome team. My fear is that won't always be the case.

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_sleeves1591d ago

My teenage self is screaming in pure excitement at team-oriented victories. Love games where strategy is a must. Siege looks pretty cool, hopefully it will play out more than standard Counterstrike model, (terrorists vs counter-terrorists, same thing every round).

BrianSharon1590d ago

I like Rainbow Six, a ton, but with Payday 2 & Hardline offering similar - if different - experiences; it's hard not to feel fatigued on this seemingly trendy take on the fps genre.

Fireseed1590d ago

Throw a plastic explosive on the bank wall in Payday 2, detonate it and watch as the wall remains in tact. Proceed to continue telling yourself it's similar.

wsoutlaw871590d ago

i dont really think payday or bfh is all that similar to a rainbow six game

SuperBlur1590d ago

Payday is heist
BF:H is the same with human as cops

R6:S is swat rescuing hostages

me confused...

thricetold1590d ago

Actually hardline has human swat vs human criminal hostage rescue mode as well as a heist mode.

Hope that helped clarify things for you.

theXtReMe11590d ago

Wow. I dont play multiplayer at all, but this looks like it will be a blast! First multiplayer game I will have played since COD 2.

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