GamersGate Summer Sale Kicks Off

The GamersGate Summer sale is running from 12-19th June with big savings on Indie Games, popular titles and special 48 hours only deals.

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CongoKyle1641d ago

More destruction to my bank account and with Steam Summer sale around the corner :O.

lord zaid1641d ago

On the one hand I really lament the loss of physical products, but I can't argue with the some of these prices.

HanCilliers1641d ago

dat Indie games, 7 top games for under R500

jackanderson19851641d ago

i can't remember the last time I saw physical copies of PC games... last one I bought was one of the total war's years ago... pc physical market has died in Ireland so I'm glad sites like GG, Steam, GoG etc exist

HanCilliers1637d ago

Boxed copies might become the new collector's item ;)

HoldenZA1641d ago

I see more games in my near future!