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GameDynamo - "Destiny has a lot to live up to. Walking around E3 I overheard a group of people saying that Destiny will be Bungie's magnum-opus. I think it's a little early to say that (considering they did create the Halo series), but it has been looking to be shaping up into something special. "

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Sovereign591592d ago

The game will hopefully be a lot of fun, but we need to learn to stop hyping things up to such unreasonable levels. We're just setting ourselves up for disappointment. No matter how good a game winds up being these days, it seems it's never able to live up to the level of hype we've built up for it long before it was even released.

Shadonic1592d ago

So far from what i played its pretty fun, kinda gives me feels of skyrim, If you get the chance try out the house of devils mission on Legend it took me and 2 others about 1-2 hours to complete.

medman1591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )

I wouldn't say games never live up to the's more like the few that do manage to live up to the hype are more amazing because they didn't disappoint. I'm looking at you, The Last of Us. I'm seriously hyped for Far Cry 4, Arkham Knight, The Division, No Man's Sky, Bloodborne, The Order:1886, Ori, MGSV, The Witcher 3, Abzu, etc. etc. etc. Will they all live up to the hype? Probably not. But I'm betting more than a few certainly will, and The Witcher 3 certainly will.

incendy351592d ago (Edited 1592d ago )

The alpha demo is pretty awesome. They don't give away too much but the gameplay is nice. Feels a lot like Halo. The music is just wonderful!

the_hitman30001592d ago

Agreed I'm in the alpha too it seems pretty good and for being in alpha I think it runs great!

kneon1592d ago

Maybe that explains why I'm not really feeling it, I never cared for halo either. And I find the music when the enemies are around really annoying.

spence524901592d ago

Felt right at home playing the alpha. I've really missed Halo since I had a PS3 last gen. Everything from the solo play to the PVP is very smooth. Great game so far.

MasterCornholio1592d ago

I'm dying to participate in the mars invasion instance.

starchild1592d ago

Hmm...wish I could play it. I'll be getting it for my PS4 in September in any case.

Mr-Dude1591d ago

I have the alpha to. Pretty awesome actually

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WalterWJR1592d ago

Playing the alpha atm, the competative mp seems much more polished than the open world co-op campaign. Graphics much crisper in mp and it is really fun.

Sevir1592d ago

After playing in the Alpha I can say that this game is gonna be epic... The Open world portion is incredible, The world is extremely dense and the gameplay is tight. Very impressed. The and its awesome to see other players just jump right and go on about their game, I myself met a cool player and we pretty much teamed up and shot our way through parts of the campaign.

Multiplayer is fun and the classes seem balanced... My character is the Warlock... Level 7 currently... Its pretty polished for an Alpha Build. I cant wait to get into the Beta and then into the full experience on Sept 9th... The experience is fantastic.

I didn't think they'd have met this ambition of having a shared world shooter experience with a world so huge. but they so far have Nailed it. Impressed by it.

WalterWJR1592d ago (Edited 1592d ago )

Campaign seemed a bit repetitive to me. Hopefully the missions change and adapt as you level up. The mp is epic though.

I hope they give me a reason to care for some of the characters in campaign, as the alpha just throws you in with no story or anything.

Shadonic1592d ago

we only got 2 missions how can you say the campaign seems repetitive when you haven't even technically touched it ? It's like judging a movie off of some leaked clips of some unfinished scenes.

spence524901592d ago

It's funny because I was thinking the same exact thing, this is really polished for an "alpha". Wonder how much better the Beta can get.

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