Destiny Will be the PS4 System Seller This Year, Says PlayStation EU Boss

Destiny Will be the PS4 System Seller This Year, Says PlayStation EU Boss

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user74029311589d ago

me not think so. me think its all the games

Abash1589d ago

Yeah, games like LittleBigPlanet 3, DriveClub, Assassin's Creed Unity, Far Cry 4, etc. will move a lot of PS4s. But I do expect ton of those white PS4 Destiny bundles to be sold

Jrmy841589d ago

I agree, It's going to be all the Games Sony showcased at their conference. Grim Fandango, that one alone even being multi plat is going to sell a lot.

joydestroy1589d ago

can't afford this...
asterisk are guaranteed buys from me.

The Last of Us - July 29

Destiny - September 9*

Dragon Age - October 7
Driveclub - October 7
Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor - October 7*
The Evil Within - October 21
GTAV - October 28?*

Call of Duty - November 4
The Crew - November 11
Far Cry 4 - November 18*
Project CARS - November*

DevilOgreFish1589d ago (Edited 1589d ago )

"Destiny Will be the PS4 System Seller This Year, Says PlayStation EU Boss"

showing no hope for your exclusives then, wow.

Edit - come on if Microsoft said the same about COD (which they have) PS gamers would be all over that. (which they have.)

gaffyh1589d ago

@above - you could easily flip that around to say they have faith in their third party partners. However, it shows that Sony isn't so stupid to believe LBP3 and Driveclub will be system sellers. They are just additional reasons to buy the console, and not major titles like The Order, Uncharted or inFamous.

DevilOgreFish1589d ago

"@above - you could easily flip that around to say they have faith in their third party partners."

and you could easily flip THAT around to say they have faith in their third party partners cause it's the majority for sony this year.

it's the same plan MS did last gen. this E3 from both companies is clearly a testament to that. With Microsoft kicking it off with a COD bundle and Sony Kicking it off with a destiny bundle. both of them sharing grate faith in games both with get.

Skips1589d ago (Edited 1589d ago )


"showing no hope for your exclusives then, wow."

How does simply looking at pre order numbers means they don't have hope for exclusives? lol One glance at the hype and pre orders for Destiny on PS4 ALONE, and any idiot would know it will outdo anything this year from BOTH consoles. (Except for probably GTA and COD)

The main difference between COD and Destiny is...
Destiny = New IP, created by the studio that practically MADE Xbox.
Call Of Duty = Established but tired, and milked to death IP.

blackbeld1589d ago

"Destiny Will be the PS4 System Seller This Year, Says PlayStation EU Boss"

Because it's bundled with the White PS4 ppl want the White PS4.

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Thatguy-3101589d ago

well the system bundle for Destiny is a hot seller on Amazon. Wouldn't be surprised if it shoots tot he top the closer the release date gets.

XiNarutoUzumaki1589d ago (Edited 1589d ago )

Destiny(PS4) has been on top for months in pre-orders. I think it will sell more consoles, especially those Playstation fans waiting for a better reason to jump into Next Gen.

That is why Sony has been in business with activision and Bungie. Sony wants the Bungie fans to play Destiny on PS4. They also want PS gamers to experience Bungie's greatness.

darthv721589d ago

or for those playstation fans that have been itching to play halo type of game but would never dare touch an xbox.

MysticStrummer1589d ago (Edited 1589d ago )

"halo type of game"

…except Destiny isn't that type of game. It has a similar art style, and probably a similar feel to the weapons and movement, but the overall game seems pretty different to me.

Driveclub could also sell some systems, depending on how good it turns out to be. People who see it in action at a friend's house or at a game store might spring for a PS4 even if they don't plan to buy the full version of the game. Same goes for Planetside 2 since the whole game is free. Also, LBP3 and the existing 8 million + levels. Being able to co-op FC4 with someone who doesn't own the game… I keep having to edit as I think of new points. lol

GodGinrai1589d ago

"Sony wants the Bungie fans to play Destiny on PS4."

I beleive Most bungie fans ( who are STILL halo fans, tbh)will still buy it on the machine that they can buy halo on. Best of both worlds.

HaveAsandwich1589d ago (Edited 1589d ago )

he's right, though there's alot of other games i'm excited for. it's obvious by the preorders destiny is going to kill it in sales. it's a matter of time before it starts to move consoles.

KwietStorm1589d ago

Well I sure wish Bloodborne was the system seller this year.

Rogert1589d ago

well its not coming out this year.

knifefight1589d ago

Rogert, I think that was his point. >_>

PeaSFor1589d ago

the console itself is a system seller.

Magicite1589d ago

Most expensive all times game bundled with white PS4?
-Of course it will be a system seller!

1588d ago
XiSasukeUchiha1588d ago

Me thank you for not put that comment on, but it's gamers not the games we decide!

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Neonridr1589d ago

surprised that they would say a multiplatform game would be a system seller for one specific console. While it will be the most definitive experience on the PS4 most likely, I don't think the differences between say the PS4 and XB1 versions will be enough to say that it won't still be fun on the XB1. The 360 and PS3 versions could end up selling more simply because of the larger install bases.

darthv721589d ago

It does seem rather MSoft-ish of them to tout a 3rd party multiplat game as the system seller instead of one of their own.

InTheLab1589d ago

That's exactly how it is. They're basically doing a Microsoft and the fanboys have all flipped arguments....

Well not me. I thought it stupid during 2009-2013 for the 360 and it's stupid now. A delayed launch game and a probably rushed LBP is all Sony could be bothered to offer outside of multiplatform titles.

Yeah it might be a little better on PS4 but how does a mulplat convince a 360 gamer to abandon their gamerscore and switch sides, when they could just upgrade to an X1 and play it as well as their fall exclusives...

Ultr1589d ago

They say this because they see the trend maybe? How is that mSish :P

Gasian1589d ago (Edited 1589d ago )

@Neonridr Intelligent ,my friend. Here a bubble for you. :)

Otherwise I would definitely agree, wouldn't they usually put more confidence into their first party line up and not say something like that?

I could be wrong though :/

Rogert1589d ago

well I think they realize for the Holiday season LBP3 and Driveclub are not going to sell systems so they're relying on bundling 3rd party games such as Destiny. I wouldn't be surprised if there is going to be a PS4 GTA5 bundle as well for the holidays.

Gasian1589d ago (Edited 1589d ago )

thanks for clarifying it definitely makes sense why they would position like that. Thanks for being helpful :)

0P-Tigrex1588d ago

2015... 1st party games will explode. If you're a fan of PS, you should know the first year OR two might be a little slow.. but boiii...once the momentum picks up there's no stopping the first party train.

Jrmy841589d ago

All about the ps4 pre order numbers I'm guessing?

jnemesh1589d ago

Because, like MS has with Call of Duty (also multiplatform), they have a marketing deal to promote the game for Sony may be multiplatform, but all of the commercials are going to show it as "Available for PS4". Also, they have a bundle with a special edition white PS4 with a copy of the game on sale. AND they have exclusive content that will ONLY be available for Destiny on the PS4...that's not to mention the fact that the game will look better on the PS4...Bungie has flat out stated that the PS4 is going to offer the best version of the game.

Now, Xbox One owners will still buy the game...but MILLIONS of people who have yet to buy a "next gen" console will look at what Sony (and Bungie) are selling and end up with a PS4 to play this game.

bcrazy181589d ago

It might be slightly better on the PS4. Bungie has stated that both versions will be 1080p. You're making it seem as if the PS4 will be tons better lokking than the X1 version but that won't necessarily be the case. It's quite obvious that ditching the Kinect is helping the X1 in more ways than one.

Sevir1589d ago

The Software may end up selling more on Last generation consoles simply by virtue of install base. But I Think they are heavily marketing the game on PS platforms for the reason and Bungie's pedigree is going to be played up a great deal.

It may sell more units last gen but May very well drive a PS4 sales up as well. Many people may take the plunge with that new PS4 bundle. We shall see.

Ultr1589d ago

They are already selling.more on thw new systems. Watch Dogs and titanfall prove that. Preorder for destiny is also waaaay higher than on last gen consoles

KwietStorm1589d ago

The differences themselves won't be the seller, the marketing will. Look at Call of Duty on Xbox.

Infernostew1589d ago

Given that the biggest system seller at launch was Call of Duty for both consoles, Destiny will definitely be the biggest system seller (for both consoles) this fall.

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truefan11589d ago (Edited 1589d ago )

That's an interesting thing to say. I wouldn't be too encouraged for the rest of the year if I'm hearing this news. That Destiny bundle will in fact move ps4's, but sony prides itself on having the best 1st party games, yet are saying the number 1 ps4 game of 2014 will be a game xbox owners can enjoy as well. I guess their only other choice would have been to say tlou remastered, but then again that could be taken negatively as well. Hell even if it was an exaggeration they should have said Driveclub to build up some hype and confidence in the game.

BlackTar1871589d ago

Says the guy who almost 100% for sure said something like Exclusives are booboo since multiplats sell the most games on consoles and 360 has the best Multiplats.

MysticStrummer1589d ago

Yeah I guess it's too bad Sony didn't abandon PS3 users by shifting games to PS4 so they could pad the year.


DigitalRaptor1588d ago

Says the fanboy who has been boasting about the Xbone lineup that only has ONE first-party retail game so far (Forza 5) vs. PS4's FOUR first-party retail games?

Goddamn. How did Sony manage that after having a tremendous number of PS3 exclusives in 2013 whilst having 3 platforms to support?

Microsoft's lineup so far has been 99% third party and you're flip-flopping to poop on Sony?

y7jzdgy1588d ago (Edited 1588d ago )

One fanboy calling another fanboy; it makes no sense and is so hypocritical.

I don't see how one console having just one first party exclusive vs another having a few more makes any difference. Exclusives are exclusives regardless, trying to argue otherwise is just petty fanboy nitpicking.

maniacmayhem1588d ago

Digital, you are one to talk.

The goal posts have been moved again as now exclusives only count if they are from 1st parties.

How convenient that you get to not include the other exclusives for Xbox One just because they weren't made by MS.

Lifewish1589d ago

I don't see it being a huge system seller but I could be wrong.

thricetold1589d ago

Any game that's cross-gen is NOT going to move a whole lot of consoles. Very few gamers are going to spend $400 just for a graphically upgraded game that has the SAME gameplay they can play on their current system.

Most of the graphic loving non-gamers have already jumped to the 8th gen just for pixels and lighting while the rest of us are waiting for something more then a pixel upgrade.

Rogert1589d ago

well then how do you explain the increase in PS4 sales when Watch Dogs came out?

SITH1588d ago

Especially when it is on four game systems.

thricetold1588d ago


What can I say, probably the same people who are spewing all the love for gta on consoles for the pixel upgrade and the same gameplay. Or the same ones constantly defending the ton of remastered cash grabs coming our way instead of new ips right away.

Lets just "remaster" every game so anybody who wasnt fortunate enough to own both systems by now in more than 7yrs can play it.


I fully acknowledge every gamer is different, but you'd be surprised how many dont really care about gaming, its just something for them to "belong" to or feel more connected with their "friends".

Worse reason to ANYTHING is because your "friends" are doing it too. Why not just jump off a bridge together since you all apparently can't think for yourselves.

JBSleek1589d ago

Why would a third party game sell consoles? Especially one that could be played on last generation consoles?

XiNarutoUzumaki1589d ago (Edited 1589d ago )

Marketing. The PS4 edition of Destiny is on top of the others in pre-orders


Who doesn't know Destiny is a Multiplat game at the moment? Only a fool like you would believe it is a Sony exclusive.

ats19921589d ago

Thats what sony does they try to convince gamers that a multi-platform game is exclusive to their console through marketing its pretty sleazy.

darthv721589d ago

hold on now ats...i think you are confusing sony with MS in that comment.

it could be that the deal they made with bungie for exclusive content is the main marketing point. They want to make their $$ back from the deal and will promote it any way they see fit.

kneon1589d ago

If that's what you call sleezy then Microsoft is king of all sleezedom as they did that all last gen.

XiYakushijuAkeginuXi1589d ago (Edited 1589d ago )


Oh yeah and like when Microsoft tries to make it seem like CoD is an exclusive. Take you Bone and get out of here

Sevir1589d ago

LOL! Confuse the gamers into thinking Multiplats are exclusive?

@ATS did you listen to yourself...

From what I've gathered just from Sony's Press is from Andrew's OWN words. GAMES on PS4, Look better, play better and has the ULTIMATE experience. They PROMOTE the PS4 version above everything else. DID you listen to Andrew House at the Press briefing? clear mention that if you want the best experience You play Multiplatform games for better graphics frame rates and exclusive features on PS4...

He's Partly right, in that Some games on XBO will have exclusive things in them due to partnerships.

Its a thing call Market brand association... You Know the very same thing that's been going on since PS3 and XB360 were released.

MS-COD, Bethesda games and Certain EA titles.
Sony- Ubisoft, square and certain EA titles and a majority of Warner Brother's titles.

On a technical scale. 90% of PS4 titles look and run better than XBO... while the others share parity.

No one who can think for themselves will believe a Major 3rd party game constantly shown to be multiplatform will believe its exclusive to one platform.. you'd have to be stupid, dense and trolling... Somehow I think your're all three if you think Sony is trying to make people think DESTINY or any other Game they have a publishing partnership with is exclusive to their platform. -_-

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listenkids1589d ago (Edited 1589d ago )

Same reason GTA sells consoles.

@ats1992 that's how EVERY company works. Look at advertisements for CoD, BF, heavy emphasis on Xbox. Whoever pays for the extra content, puts more effort into promotions, trying to get the most sales out of the product, hence paying for exclusive content. Business 101.