NerdKO's E3 2014 Complete Press Conference Summary and Review: Who “Won”?

Every year at E3, the big three take the stage to tell us what new technology they will be delivering in the upcoming years. Inevitably, the internet is inundated with articles, blogs, videos, posts, tweets, ETC. proclaiming one company “the Winner” and another “the loser”.
Tensions build, words fly, and many insults are often the end result. As we all know, the word “Fanboy” is probably used more often in this one week, than for the other 51 weeks combined.
Muzz from L1 Games does his best to offer an objective and open minded review of the 3 press conferences and offers his opinion of who had the best showing.

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solboogie1592d ago

Ninty won this yrs E3 by a mile! Do U!