Why Magicka 2 Is Coming to PS4, But Not Xbox One (for Now)

Speaking with GameSpot today at E3, Paradox Interactive CEO Fredrik Wester explained why the company is choosing to release Magicka 2 on PlayStation 4 and not Xbox One. According to Wester, Sony was better focused on hardcore gamers than Microsoft, at least at the time when Paradox signed a deal to bring the game to PS4. On top of that, Wester already had connections at Sony, he said.

"I think the fact that we had some personal connections with Sony and we also felt that their offerings toward the hardcore gamers that we were after were more solid than the ones Microsoft had," Wester said. "Now I think, looking back at it, it's probably quite equal. But back then, it sounded like Sony had a more solid offering. But we hope to go to the Xbox One as well. We want to be on all platforms where are gamers are."

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Tatsuya 1640d ago

I'm a core gamer and I prefer the PS4. So Paradox wasn't lying there :)

Aces171640d ago

I'm a core gamer and I prefer Xbox. I don't want their game regardless.

tbone5671640d ago

What the heck is magica. there's a magica 2 where is magica 1

mkis0071640d ago

@ACES looks like they targeted correctly then

@tbone IT is a pretty popular pc game...PC gamers are pissed.

NewMonday1640d ago

might as well put a "for now" disclaimer on all XB1 3rd party games like Sunset Overdrive and Quantum Break, because they will eventually go multi-platform like every 3rd party games timed exclusive on 360.

vega2751640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )

@ newmonday

You mean like all the games sony showed at E3 and sony trying their best to confuse people by using buzz words like "console launch exclusive" or "console debut". Funny how now it comes out that none of them are actually exclusive to the ps4. Even double fine's remake isnt even exclusive.

@ MKIS007

Actually its also coming to pc. So pc gamer shouldn't be pissed. If anything it mayl release at the sametime as the ps4. I'll just pick it up when it does

Redgehammer1640d ago

If I offend, it's not my intention, but not wanting a developer's game on the xbox brand, seems counterintuitive to xbox succeeding. Depth of library seems like an important asoect of a successful console. XBLA is fantastic on my 360, and I expect the XO's marketplace to be great in 9 years, also.

Volkama1640d ago

@NewMonday even if that were true, would it make the games any less fun to play?

LAWSON721640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )

I am a core gamer and own a Xbone but I kind of want a Wii U lol. I have literally no reason to buy a PS4 this year, since all its indies and F2Ps are on my PC and the exclusives do not appeal to me at all as far as 2014 is concerned.

Spotie1640d ago

I think it's funny that all the known Xbox fanboys universally don't want this game, which is currently not coming to their system of choice. I am absolutely confident that they'd be interested if it were not coming to PS4, instead.

I also find it funny that Lawson claims core gamer status and then claims NOTHING on or coming to PS4 within this year interests him, which is directly contradicting, given the very appealing core offerings they have and have had.

Weird. Even I, labeled as a Sony fanboy, see games I'd like to play on XB1; I just don't see enough to justify giving my money to Microsoft, in the wake of their previous- and potentially future- policies. He's a core gamer, but nothing on Playstation interests him; somehow, with fewer offerings, the XB1 is more interesting? Yeah, that makes a lot of sense...

LAWSON721640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )


I have no interest in a car game with no cars and driving mechanics like NFS, and as for LBP that game is not for me. I tried the first 2 and I do not see the appeal. I do not see either as core games, one is a casual driving game (looks like NFS) and LBP is casual as well. Xbone got Sunset Overdrive, and Wii U has SSB and Bayonetta. These IMO are core games.

Your assumptions of me being a fanboy is flat out wrong. I for one love my PS3, and will probably buy 2-3 exclusives for it this year. I however am not blind and come up with BS like the PS4 has an impressive catalog of exclusive games for 2014 when it does no, hell even the Xbone doesnt unless you are a huge Halo fan and of course Sunset Overdrive. Once games like Bloodborne and Uncharted are out I will say core game experiences are available on the platform, until then it is just likes it competitor lack of an exclusive library

user56695101640d ago

So is it exclusive this word play is getting on my nerves. The whole conference was like this. Its nothing but deception. If its exclusive I will be pissed being a long supporter of their games. Most Console gamers never even heard of migicka, but to give the the sequel and sh!t on your fans is dirty. Looking forward to the f2p moba like magicka, but if they Dont release on PC I'm not supporting them no more.

I Dont support devs that treat their fans like second rate citizens. And when PC devs do it to their fans it get worst then they jump ship

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lelo1640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )

"But we hope to go to the Xbox One as well. We want to be on all platforms where are gamers are."

What about Microsoft's parity clause? Is it still valid?

Any way I find it quite stupid for a 3rd party developer to sign deals and go exclusive on one console, unless the console maker pays for the hole (or almost the hole) development of the game. If they sign these deals with hardly anything in return, then it's a good way for them to go broke.

rdgneoz31640d ago

What is "hole development"? Is that what my dog does in the backyard?

lelo1640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )

@gamertk421, rdgneoz3

My mistake, I'm not english, but lucky for me there are always a**holes kind enough to correct me. Thank you.

Jdoki1640d ago

@lelo. Your comeback made me laugh. :)

In the interests of International relations...

The word you were after is whole. It's pronounced the same as hole - but for some reason there's a silent W stuck on the front!

Out of curiosity I looked up why there's a silent W, and apparently it comes from old English, where many years ago the letter would be pronounced, but over the years has been dropped. So words like Sword, Knee, Knife, Knock have evolved in their pronunciation, but not spelling.

Volkama1640d ago

The day one release cause is still in effect, but if a dev actually talks to Microsoft then they can usually work something out.

Look at Warframe, Outlast and whatever the new Oddworld is called. Seems they've all pretty much got the green light.

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SG1_dapunisherX1640d ago

why the disagree lol they make uninteresting games

MysticStrummer1640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )

People who are interested would disagree. Having an opposite opinion is pretty much what it means to disagree.

Person A - I'm not interested!

Person B - I am!

That's called a "disagreement".

Hope I've been helpful to you.

SG1_dapunisherX1640d ago

@mysticstrummer does not change the fact is his opinion, and i agree with him

spacecat50501640d ago

Game looks like a silly, weaker gauntlet. I did like the crossing the streams part.

urwifeminder1640d ago

Was going to get it on steam once but once I seen some videos its not my thing .

qzp1640d ago

the first game was amazing, surprises everyone who plays its how fun it can be. but they have changed things so who knows

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