Why Star Fox Should (And Needs To) Shoot for Different Stars

Fox and company are headed back to the scene next year with a new entry for the Wii U. Does it really need be the Star Fox of old?

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Moonman1591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )

I have faith in Miyamoto to deliver something innovative and epic. New, new, new with some of the old that worked well is what I expect. This was from a Q & A from entertainment weekly asking Miyamoto questions:

Q: Out of interest, who is your favorite character to play in Smash Brothers?

Miyamoto: I haven’t played Smash Brothers thoroughly yet, but my suspicion is that I would probably play as Star Fox. Playing as Kirby might be a little bit easier, but…

Q: You prefer a challenge.

Miyamoto: This is gonna be the year of Star Fox. I’ll play as Star Fox for awhile.

Take away what you will from that. :)

deafdani1591d ago

I know I'm nitpicking here, but it bothers me to see Miyamoto refer to Fox incorrectly. He's not Star Fox, that's the name of his team. He's Fox McCloud dammit!

It irks me about as much as someone calling Samus Metroid. Wait, no, it bothers me more, because this is friggin' MIYAMOTO! He should know better. D:<

randomass1711591d ago

Probably a slip of the tongue on Miyamoto's part. Wouldn't be the first time he's flubbed up in an interview. :P

N4g_null1590d ago

Every word is translated calm down. I call fox Mc cloud star fox also. I fell in love with the air wing design not the furry creatures. I would rather have battle toads flying those ships lol.

N4g_null1590d ago

A few indies are playing around with star fox like reboots from what I'm seeing.

N4g_null1590d ago

Great article. My personal love for star fox only is really for the first one due to the ship design, skill set, and the epic feel. Never really liked the characters. Also the music was great in the first one. It should almost have a Wipeout feel crossed with starwars.