First Reactions: Sony's E3 Press Conference

One Hit Pixel: "The last of the opening day's conferences (with Nintendo to come tomorrow) was Sony. Following on from Microsoft, EA and then Ubisoft, what would Sony bring to the table? The answer? A ton of new stuff with a drab half an hour in the middle.

There was a plethora of new content announced, some truly wonderful surprises and a strengthening of Sony's 2014 showing. It's late here in the UK, but what did the One Hit Pixel team think of the Sony E3 press conference?"

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thorstein3166d ago

Loved it. Uncharted 4 looks amazing. They were right. LittleBigPlanet3 was expected but really looks fun.

Waiting for Last Guardian and Agent, though they are 3rd party. I don't think that the lack of those titles should take away from the conference.

No Man's Sky looked amazing. That is a must own for me. And now we get to share content straight to Youtube. Nice.

XiYakushijuAkeginuXi3166d ago

Don't forget that every multi platform will look and play better on PS4

Yi-Long3166d ago

I thought the show was fantastic. So much great stuff was shown.

There was a 'slow' boring part of about 25 minutes orso, about the whole PS TV and PS Now and such, but after that, it really picked up big time again.

Both Microsoft and Sony had a brilliant E3 this year. Future is looking bright. :)

TheGreatGamer3166d ago

despite the flamebait, he isn't wrong, most mulitplats look and run better on Ps4

Mr Pumblechook3166d ago

I liked it! Yes there was a slow mid-section but I love the look of launch exclusive No Man's Sky, Grim Fandango and the GTA V announcement. Solid. The new Sony SCEA guy looks like an Italian mobster who can order someone get whacked if he doesn't like them!

rainslacker3165d ago


It wasn't even 25 minutes. Talking starts at just over 1hr 2minutes, and ends at just under 1hr 17minutes. So just under 15 minutes. It just seemed like an eternity. By tomorrow, the time will be up to 55 minutes by some on here.

Magicite3165d ago

cant believe people disagreed with you.

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asmith23063166d ago

Not as good as last year but a solid showing. Hopefully at TGS they show the Last Guardian and Japanese related games.

LOGICWINS3166d ago (Edited 3166d ago )

I thought it was a little better than last years. Powers was the most pleasant surprise for me. I don't see myself playing any of the indies shown except for maybe Entwined. Although it looks pretty, I don't see where the "game" aspect comes in with No Man's Sky. It's essentially interactive exploration. Its cool of that ur thing, but I need more than that personally. Price point will play a huge factor in whether or not this game does well.

Although I liked the conference, I wasn't mindblown by anything. Of course UC4 looks good, it obviously wasn't going to look like shit since ND is known for pushing graphical boundaries. Idk why people here are acting so surprised by the visuals, saying things like "Take that haters!" Grow up.

Before E3, the Witcher 3 was my most anticipated game for 2015. After E3, its still the Witcher 3.

Whats certain is that both Sony and MS have a stacked 2015.

asmith23063166d ago

Yeah I agree, I thought they both did well. I'm actually very curious about PS Vita TV. If it's true that it offers 1000 back catalogue games for $100 then I'm definitely getting that.

SuperBlunt3166d ago (Edited 3166d ago )

I genuinely believe sony did much better than the competition in the third party category because of the fact that instead of attaching the game to their brand they attached exclusive features to the game. Like come on you can frigging invite a friend to play far cry 4 without the game? Jesus h christ promote whoever the hell came up with that! Also the brutal amount of destiny content and couple in the fact ill be playing it thursday lol. And naughty dog = the five megaton beeps lol

Rhythmattic3166d ago (Edited 3166d ago )

The one thing I couldnt grab the concept of was that......

....You can invite a friend to play far cry 4 whom does not have the game...

WTF ? What does that mean???? A game mode with friends only?

Cryptic , but still sounds cool az.

Ah.. I guess the guy in the Gyrocopter for example....

TomahawkX3166d ago

I believe it's going to use the game streaming feature of PSNow. Don't quote me on that.

SuperBlunt3166d ago (Edited 3166d ago )

go watch the ps4 gameplay. Adam boyes stated that you can own a copy of far cry 4 and invite a friend on another console whom does not have a copy of the game to your lobby (Main campaign) to help with a mission (any mission)

darkstar183166d ago

last year was better, i was actually excited then.

Darkfist3166d ago

why isnt anyone mention ratchet and clank ps4 remake?

SuperBlunt3166d ago

denial lol. Well sony announced so many things its easy to forget bruh. SEE!!! if microsoft announced that it would have been shoved in our ear canals. Very excited for it though. I love R&C.

MasterCornholio3166d ago

There's a Ratchett and Clank remake?

I thought it was about the movie.

rainslacker3165d ago

They said they are re-imagining the first game as well. Don't know if it's a full on reboot or a remake. It was a pretty brief announcement made right after the R&C movie showing.

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