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Xbox Feedback is the most effective place for your ideas, suggestions, and feedback to be seen by the teams that create Xbox products and services. This site allows you to suggest a new feature, enhancements to an existing feature, or to vote on ideas that others have submitted.

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AngelicIceDiamond2499d ago

Shape Xbox that's powered by the community.

That's great news

Godmars2902499d ago

Or, just like what Sony did with their blog site early on with the PS3?

gameon19852499d ago

stop it, just stop it. why can't microsoft ever do anything without being compared to Sony.

EZMickey2498d ago

Oh no! Sony did this already. Pull the brakes, Microsoft. You're late with this, so no one wants it and it's no longer relevant./s

Are you seriously criticizing this for that reason?

Even so, this is a functional site that rates feedback ideas according to what the community wants most as well as limiting user votes so the community doesn't just vote for anything but users really have to think about casting their vote.

Such a shame that any positive step in the right direction by Microsoft is dogged by unwarranted cynicism and childish hating.

Ctiboi20102499d ago


"Or, just like what Sony did with their blog site early on with the PS3?"

So, because Sony had a similiar outlet for its customers it's a bad thing now that Microsoft cares about its fanbase and would like feedback to further improve the Xbox Brand? Sorry I don't see the issue here. Can you please explain the negatives for me? Or were you just pointing out that Sony did it first, as if companies have never imitated other companies that have a working business model?

Would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

Godmars2902499d ago (Edited 2499d ago )

Just pointing it out.

Would also like to point that like the Sony effort, what gamers want and vote for, may not be possible because of technical issues. Like doing the online group movie thing you use to be able to do on XBL for Netflix.

Aside from MS removing it so as to add increased memory for games on the 360, it was the exact excuse they used to put Netflix behind the Gold paywall.