Sony Reveal New Project Morpheus Demo

VRFocus - Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) has revealed a new project for its Project Morpheus virtual reality (VR) headset on PlayStation 4. PlayStation Magic Labs' Richard Marks revealed the new title, which has been developed by SCE London Studio, the company behind The Deep demo that was revealed with the headset itself.

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DonDon2498d ago

Maybe this will be PS5 or PS5 related. I don't see it being at a consumer level price (the cheapest it might be is $500, and it being an optional peripheral would cause it to split the market, which would cause 3rd parties to scoff at it).

But as a PS5 product it would be cool if it came with it (it's parts would be cheaper by then). Besides, Sony can just sell it as a movie player for now, and let it work with a small selection of indie/pc games (where most VR games are developed), and then when PS5 is ready, it would already have a small install base, while the rest of us gear up for true VR in the future (at an affordable package).

user14394142498d ago

I love it Project Morpheus will be the BEST. XoXoXoXo #PS4WillNeverStopXoXoXo

thereapersson2498d ago

Well it's sort of like how the Move was started on PS2 with the EyeToy, then worked it's way up to the PS3 with the handheld peripheral, now on the PS4 as part of the controller and soon in Project Morpheus. The progression will continue, as the idea is a constant work in progress.

LOGICWINS2498d ago

Guys has the Sony conference started!? I thought it started at 9:30 for people on the East Coast

DonDon2498d ago

Starts at 9pm on east coast of USA

MrSec842498d ago

Nope, it's 12:39 am here in the uk, it's meant to be on at 2am over here, so it's about 1 hour 20mins away.

Cupid_Viper_32498d ago (Edited 2498d ago )

I'm at the movie theater here in Vancouver. The line up is starting to pick up, and the cut off is in 50 minutes.

@ logic,

Thanks, I will try. I hope it is a great show. I left class early for this ish... Got a cool blue PS4 wristband so far too.

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Applejack2498d ago

I don't understand how you came to that conclusion, this VR headset was built with the ps4 hardware in mind. Also, there's no way it would be priced at $500 so that's out the window. Finally, the Oculus Rift is for pc gamers and has pc devs working with it so Morpheus can be focused with Sony studios, third parties and their own indies.

DonDon2498d ago

So how much will it cost? Do u really think that a product that can cost a few hundred bucks will not end up splitting the market up? I love that Sony takes chances, and I think their the ONLY one's doing things right. But the Morpheus thing will split the market if released so soon after PS4 release. It will not be cheap enough. But fanboys will be fanboys.

waltercross2498d ago

@ DonDon

I don't think It'll split the market...The Headset will just be another addon for the PS4...maybe games will have an on off feature to use the Headset? if that happens then no way will this split the market.

AgentSmithPS42498d ago

There's a difference between knowing the path and walking the path. Sony will free you from the world that's been pulled over your eyes, and put you in their world.

MysticStrummer2498d ago

…or they will turn you into a battery that powers PS6, a virtual world that's indistinguishable from reality, except that it's much much more fun.

lelo2498d ago

Sony better not wast time showing Project Morpheus on their E3 conference. They should focus on games, not gadgets.

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bobsmith2498d ago (Edited 2498d ago )

project cars gona support it im gona get it just for that.

SpinalRemains1382498d ago

The adult entertainment possibilities are astounding.

waltercross2498d ago

I Just hope there is no Side effects. Like after having it on for a few hours you get Headaches or Dizzy.

SeeKayVozz2498d ago

This can't be PS5 related...if you remember, they recently revealed that the purpose of the lightbar was to work hand in hand with the VR headset. I think this is farther along than people think.

There is an article on IGN about it and various other gaming sites. Google it.

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