Rumor: Dead Space 4 Teased?

Dead Space 4 teased right in the middle of a Battlefield Hardline Demo!


Keep in mind this is pure rumor and speculation! It was shown during the conference and that is where I grabbed the screenshots from and if you need further proof, check out the video in the story and you'll see the short clips are there. Whether it's meant as a tease for Dead Space 4 or not, or not even related to Dead Space at all, it's fun to think about isn't it?

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homez992130d ago

Visceral were very cheeky there. Can't wait to see what they've been cooking.

Ghost_Nappa2130d ago

No, that was just a montage show Viscerals history.

plaZeHD2130d ago

No it was just a reference to other EA games.

MasterCornholio2130d ago

I knew I wasn't seeing things.

Software_Lover2130d ago

I thought someone was f'n up in the back, lol

Meatyboy2130d ago

Yeah it was just used as a fun way to open the trailer. Love you guy's optimism tho :)

NovusTerminus2130d ago (Edited 2130d ago )

Maybe it's there answer to the CoD zombies?

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