Madden NFL 15: Hands-on Presentation & Visuals Impressions

Kevin of GoodGameBro writes, "I had the opportunity to play an alpha build of Madden NFL 15 three weeks ago at the Tiburon Studios in Orlando, Florida. I put in over 20 hours with the game and wanted to share my hands-on impressions of the presentation and visuals in the game."

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NYC_Gamer2500d ago

I want Madden to offer authentic NFL gameplay because i'm not going to buy the game just because of improved visuals

Kevin263852500d ago

Absolutely agree. Our gameplay impressions should be posted by tomorrow. I know a lot of people focus on presentation and visuals so I wanted to cover them!

Codewow2500d ago

I am not really interested in seeing that indicator on where to aim to hit the guy... it seems like they are just dumbing down the complexity of an already not-so-complex game.. I'm all for a visual upgrade for a game, but at the price of $50 (which I believe is what the price point will be at for this) that's ridiculous... I hope that once the Rift comes out they will actually add First Person view as an option in the game so it actually adds something new to the franchise.

Kevin263852500d ago

You can turn those visual indicators off. I didn't play with them on. It is more for people new to Madden.

Codewow2500d ago

Perfect. I was hoping for that option.

RELIGHT2500d ago

Same canned run animations. Terrible

Nolando2500d ago

I like playing as a defensive lineman or linebacker they need to add more gameplay at the line of scrimmage, because I feel like I have no control over what happens when the ball is snapped as of now...

Saryk2500d ago

This is the only game that will make me buy a console. I hope it is good!

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