E3 2014: Microsoft Press Conference Wrap Up and Review

James Pungello and Allan Muir of VGU discuss the Microsoft press conference at E3 2014 and their thoughts on the overall showing.

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CarlosX3602504d ago

I was thinking: "Where are the heavy hitters, Microsoft?"

amiga-man2504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

Typical MS promising the earth then not delivering

All hype and no substance

ShinMaster2504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

I thought it was a good conference with many games shown, even if quite a few of them were multiplatform.

BUT no big surprises though and a lot of CG.

tuglu_pati2503d ago

It was a solid conference and they did announced a few good exclusives but I think the lack of gameplay hold the conference from been spectacular and maybe a console redesign to go with the recent price drop.

ABizzel12503d ago


I agree completely. There was way too much CG going on for my taste. There wasn't a huge megaton announcement. There were also quite a few multiplatform games, but the conference was still good.

There were a bunch of games, everything looked enjoyable in it's own right. The pacing was perfect, and the speakers were good. It wasn't AAA huge OMG moment they hyped or gamers hyped it up to be, but it was a strong "B or B+".

2503d ago
DarthZoolu2503d ago

Lets see what Sony and Nintendo do.

nerdman672503d ago

Phantom Dust had me super excited, as did Crackdown. The only two reveals through all of the conferences that had me get really pumped.

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Transporter472504d ago

It was Solid nothing Breathtaking I give it a


AngelicIceDiamond2504d ago

Mediocre? No hardly. Was it way over hyped? Yeah it was.

Boody-Bandit2504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

Regardless of hype it was mediocre.
I kept waiting for Halo 5, Gears announcement or a drop the mic and walk off stage moment. None of them happened.

Concertoine2504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

I think if they had:

-halo 5 gameplay
-didnt reveal sunset overdrive beforehand
-didnt reveal forza horizon 2 beforehand
-another japanese developed game

Then it wouldve been a solid 10 and enough to see them as the victor in the unbiased eye. As it is, 8, and an admirable effort (assuming of course Sony and Ninty go all out too).

By MS standards (past 5 years sucked or were mediocre) this was a great conference and it has only reassured my confidence in Spencer.

It might not win this gen, but i think the xbox one can will at the very least be looked back on positively in the games department. And that's a far cry from what it wouldve been under Mattrick's head.

Summons752503d ago

Their biggest announcement was officially the Halo collection, everything else we knew about. It was mediocre.

Mikeyy2504d ago

Mediocre was my thoughts too, The format was awesome though, showing game after game was exactly what everybody asked for. The problem is you showed all Muliplatforms whichs are going to be on PS4 and no doubt look and perform better on PS4, so XB One should have fallen back on their exclusives, problem is, I really don't think they have any.

There was no atomic bomb dropped at all unless you are a nostalgic XB classic owner. There wasnt anything to entice new next gen prospects to hop on board the xbox brand.

I think Sony breathed a giant sigh of relief after MS's conferance, because everybody thought MS would absolutly bring it this year after getting blown out of the water last year.

With all the movie theaters rented up for tonight, you almost guarentee Sony has some Atom Bombs for us.

2503d ago
intellegent2503d ago (Edited 2503d ago )

@XB He probably meant to say first-party exclusives.

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ricochetmg2504d ago

We are not being fair as gamers that was a good not great conference.

truefan12504d ago (Edited 2503d ago )

I disagree, the MSFT showing was a strong B. It's clear they saved some stuff for Gamescom and TGS. Also they saved Gears for probably the 2015 show.

I do find it funny the gaming press and writers were impressed, but N4G calls their showing mediocre at best. I agree on some points, but it was a strong showing, considering what else they could have included.

SniperControl2503d ago

1st "wait for E3"
2nd " wait for gamescon"

You boys are gonna be waiting a while then.

mcstorm2503d ago

I think your spot on with gears. Halo 5 is out next year so ide expect to see gears 2016 and they will drop gears at next e3. It really dose depend on what games you like but Forza Horizon 2 and Halo collection have me excited.

badaxx2503d ago

So was that the "NUCLEAR" show you were talking about? I thought it was good at best. You over hyped it a bit.

ziggurcat2503d ago (Edited 2503d ago )

"It's clear they saved some stuff for Gamescom and TGS."

more goalpost moving.

and after gamescom/TGS, it's going to be, "it's clear they're saving stuff for E3 2015." - edit #2: it seems you've already beat me to that punch... "Also they saved Gears for probably the 2015 show."

so what happened to MS going "nuclear"? where were the "megatons"? where was the 3rd party exclusive you were ranting, and raving about? what happened to revealing the "true power of the xbone"? what even happened to the DX12 stuff from June 2?

edit: and i thought you said you had a "source"?

harrisk9542503d ago (Edited 2503d ago )


"I do find it funny the gaming press and writers were impressed, but N4G calls their showing mediocre at best."

Actually, the guys on Gametrailers, although trying to put some positive spin on it, were clearly underwhelmed, including Adams Sessler. The consensus appears to be that MS did "what they needed to do", no more, no less.

EDIT: MS needed to persuade non-XB1 owners and I don't know if they did that.

harrisk9542503d ago


"I do find it funny the gaming press and writers were impressed, but N4G calls their showing mediocre at best."

Actually, the guys on Gametrailers, although trying to put some positive spin on it, were clearly underwhelmed, including Adam Sessler. The consensus appears to be that MS did "what they needed to do", no more, no less.

Clarence2503d ago (Edited 2503d ago )

Lol sure. M$ press conference was pretty underwhelming. I was waiting for the wow moment, and it never came.

bababrooks2503d ago

They could have shown like Sony. Man that would have had this room hyped (strange MS got a pounding for that last year though)!!!!

A lot of the cats in hear are only on to squabble and bash's personal and nothing to do with games.

Me I love games..

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Magicite2503d ago

This would have been a very good conference for a winning console, but now MS needs to fight for its life.
A good or even great show is not enough.

ITPython2503d ago

The thing is, unlike last gen MS no longer has the multiplat advantage, and they can no longer get away with treating multiplats like exclusives. Anybody who does even a little research will know that these games will look and perform better on the PS4.

I'm willing to bet MS's E3 show sold more PS4's than it did XB1's.

MrSec842503d ago

Yep, Microsoft's conference was basically a lesson to all at E3 what you shouldn't do.

It's fine to have 3rd party, but don't make them your main focusing point.
If you're going to announce new games than have actual gameplay, nothing new was even in-engine.

Best I could give it is a C-, though I think closer to a D fits better.

I give props to Phil Spencer for his E3 introduction & humble manner, but I think that's just because he knew that he'd basically lied about getting stuff out of the way to show the great stuff.
They didn't really show anything great.

Most stuff that Microsoft calls exclusives are games that people can play elsewhere.
FH2 is on 360, Halo 1-4 is on there too.
The only proper exclusive dropping this year is Sunset Overdrive.

THEDON82z12503d ago (Edited 2503d ago )

Typical M$, show a bunch of multiplatform titles and a exclusive here and there...and somehow they knocked it out the park...Please!! The way they was talkn I thought they was going to kill it.. To me it just look like the same old stuff, that was expected...dame at this rate it's Sony to own. All they have to do is not be there own worse enemy...Meaning all they need to do is drop Uncharted and the sequal to last of us and its game over!!!!!

killaarmy2503d ago

How about that Sony conference

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classic192504d ago

yes. somewhat dissatisfying..

0P-Tigrex2504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

average/ok. Only cool thing was Halo. should've shown more gameplay with phantom dust and Crackdown. all i got out of it was pre-rendered CGI. Halo doesn't interest me anymore, i grew out of that.

And to show Conker (i admit i had a huge Grin on my face.) a playable character ticked me off...

A Conker GAME would've been sweet.

jnemesh2504d ago

Yes, it was like "Here is the game you all have been SCREAMING for...but you can't have it. Here, have some DLC instead!"

Foraoise2504d ago

Nintendo needs Conker back. It's like putting Crash Bandicoot as a M$ exclusive.

Concertoine2504d ago (Edited 2503d ago )

Actually i think they implied theyre making a conker sort of "adventure" using Project Spark. Maybe a remake of an area from BFD just to show off what they can do with PS.

The fact that they're even showing interest in an old rare IP is enough to excite me though.


Yeah that makes sense too. I guess we'll see.

boing12503d ago

I'm thinking it's more like 'here, make your own Conker game'.

frankied1012504d ago

Great conference imo. I was nervous and needed to feel I got the right next gen console. I'm happy and I have no complaints proud to be team Xbox I can't wait for Sony conference cause I know the Microsoft and Sony feud make both companies so much better we all win

Bennibop2504d ago

Lots of multi platform games and cgi trailers was really disappointing.