Halo 2 Anniversary on Xbox One Comparison Screenshots Show Massive Leap in Graphics/Visuals

Check out some comparison screenshots of Halo 2 Anniversary, there's indeed a massive leap in graphics/visuals

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ThePope2504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

Best bang for buck in the history of video games. Leave it to MS to one up the orange box.

And damn it looks good.

christocolus2504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

True. Have you seen the way the prophets look now? I've never seen the elites, prophets or even sergent J look this good.this is way beyond halo 4 on 360.I can't wait to see what 343 does with Halo5. This looks great. Can't still get over the fact that we getting all this for just $59.99. Damn

truefan12504d ago

I honestly thought it was going to be $100, but for all I'm getting $60 is an amazing bargain. Also 343 hinted the ranking system is going back to Halo 2 as well. I can't wait, they really went all out with this collection.

4Sh0w2503d ago (Edited 2503d ago )

$60 for ALL the Halo Master Chief games and ALL the maps, dayummm! I remember when Halo3 launched full of so much content for $60 way back on 360, 4 player co-op, The Forge, tons of maps, etc. I never thought that would be we get everything in 1 place PLUS DEDICATED SERVERS on Xbox One for just $60, lol it feels like stealing. Seriously, there was a lot of great things about micro's show I liked but as a long time Halo fan this is really, really special to me.

It's also badass how they merge them into just 1 UI and you can instantly flip between original graphics and HD, all 1080p 60fps, seriously impressive stuff. I have some buddies who are even bigger Halo junkies than I am, this November I can't imagine them not picking up a X1 for Halo1 and 2 alone.

starchild2503d ago

This, and a few other games, have pushed me to get an Xbox One, but probably later this year or early next. Truly an incredible deal. I love the Halo series.

crxss2503d ago

well it is between 2 generations, ought to look good even if it's just a new layer

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Tempest3172504d ago

Not saying its not awesome, and Ill definitely be getting this, but I'm not sure how this one ups Orange box? Nowhere near the same value imo, maybe im missing something?

AnEwGuY2503d ago

I'd give that title to The Orange Box...but this is an easy 2nd.

RosweeSon2503d ago

Hardly orange box had variety and was all new at the time this is all old and the same type of games halo halo halo and halo, great if you like... Halo.

Jeebus2503d ago

I love all the shots except of Chief. I really don't like the brighter, colorful version of him between 2 and 2:Anniversary

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Codewow2504d ago

Well duh.. It's from the original Xbox x_x

RosweeSon2503d ago

Exactly if this hadn't come on leaps and bounds and looked a lot LOT better after 2 new generations id be a tad worried ;)

Software_Lover2504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

I wonder if they used the reach engine or an entirely new XBone engine.

edit: dat new lighting?

A7XEric2504d ago

Looks like halo 4's to me. Some of the lighting is what kinda gives it away IMO

Ghost_Nappa2504d ago

Bonnie Ross said during the reveal the graphics are made with the halo 5 engine. Presumably the physic are still running on the original halo 2 engine the same way they did halo ce anniversary

user95970822503d ago

The demo they showed for the re-imagined halo 2 multiplayer (not the same as the original halo 2 engine multiplayer that will also be there) was definitely on some variant of the Halo 4 engine. COuld mainly tell by the ragdoll physics when the sniper headshot the one guy. Halo 4 ragdoll always had the joint between the chest and stomach as the center of balance and it was the same in this preview. Also, it had grenade indicators and the newer sounding announcer dialogue.

4Sh0w2503d ago (Edited 2503d ago )

She said all the games were running on their original engines so I believe they have just been touch up for HD + new hardware, and from the looks of it they did a great job.

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gamer11382504d ago

I remember when Halo 2 set benchmarks for console graphics. How far we've come.

hello122504d ago

The fact its all been done on dedicated servers, a nice extra feature for Halo gamers

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