Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Trailer and Analysis

Vgamerz goes shot by shot through the newest Call of Duty trailer detailing all the new gameplay changes to Call of Duty.

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thorstein2508d ago

I thought the series was going to advance with the new iteration.

IamHaru2508d ago (Edited 2508d ago )

looks like a gameplay evolution for the series. The enhanced jump/double jump, dash mechanics, detachable cover, and new weaponry (e.g., grenades, shockwave weapon) should make a sizable difference in gameplay and seem to advance the series more than any other iteration before it has.

Pleasantly surprised with the gameplay trailer.

ThatIrishGamer2508d ago

At least this looks completely different to Ghosts. Anyone watched Jack Frags Hardline gameplay? It has the EXACT SAME HUD, kill markers. . . And even the same actual structures in the game copy and pasted from BF4... Like the metal railing along the side of buildings which you can knock down and crawl up.

sameerhusain2508d ago

I tuned in when this wan running, I must say, this looks like the Best CoD ever.

NegativeCreep4272508d ago (Edited 2508d ago )

It looks like Killzone. Especially the beginning of gameplay looking like Killzone Shadow Fall.

With that being said, it definitely looks like the kind of change that Call of Duty has needed for the past 3 years.

MasterD9192507d ago

It's borrowing from Titanfall with some of the movement features, but I'm definitely interested in trying some of those weapons out.