Jack Tretton: VR 'A Force to Be Reckoned With'

VRFocus - Former Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) CEO Jack Tretton has labelled virtual reality (VR) technology as 'a force to be reckoned with' in the near future. Tretton reasoned that he had seen some VR tech from companies that the public currently didn't even know about, and that the industry was set to grow.

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Mr Tretton2503d ago

I'm going to steal the show at E3, once again.

Iceball20002503d ago

lol yes you will, yess you will.

ZeroX98762503d ago

surprise appearance on stage for Sony would have been nice :D

Him being at E3 this year and not for work shows how much Jack loves video games.

SpinalRemains1382503d ago

Are you on methadone?

He's on camera and he is 100% being paid.

You think this guy is appearing on television for free? Give me some of what you're smoking.

HollowZbankai2503d ago (Edited 2503d ago )

what does methodone have to do with this? lol If hes smoking something it sure aint methodone lol

bobacdigital2503d ago (Edited 2503d ago )

I know everyone will kill me for saying this .. But I dont think wearable VR is going to have a place in the industry honestly. I think as it is right now it has made leaps over the prior technology .. But it wont catch on as everyone assumes... It will be as popular as the first Kinect and then slowly go away until they can refine the technology and define where it needs to go.

Occulus has more upside since it is tied to PC performance.. And Morpheus will be held back by the ps4 closed platform which over time cant be upgraded. I just havent met anyone who is that excited about it.. I played around with the early dev kit and wasnt as impressed (I know they have upgraded it substantially)

AgentSmithPS42503d ago

"It will be as popular as the first Kinect and then slowly go away"
No way, the only way that could happen is if Sony goes full on retard and doesn't market it right etc. Many industry pros were impressed by it.

Obviously as people often point out, PC will have the best VR, but PS4's VR will be "good enough", not perfect but still a lot of fun, just like a good console. I assume they're smart enough to price it low enough so it sells amazingly well just like the PS4.

"I just havent met anyone who is that excited about it."
It's time to meet new people ;).

I'm not getting my hopes up but I think they can do it right.

breakpad2503d ago (Edited 2503d ago )

i agree with you...VR is not a technology "comfortable " for the player and is a demanding feature from power perspective ...they need very dedicated and talented developer to bring smthing good ....if Xbone does not jump on the VR train , Morpheus probably go away unglorified wasting a lot of Sony's money (whichh could be spend on exclusives by the way)