Call of Duty gamers win gold at XGames

This past weekend saw the kick off of the Austin XGames, the high energy competitive event where the competition is usually based on an extreme sport. This year, however, we saw a significant change as Call of Duty:Ghosts debuted at the event as the first ever eSport to be integrated into the XGames.

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HanCilliers2500d ago

Really exciting to see eSports at such a prestigious event

venom062500d ago

Kinda stupid to have nerd ass video game playersb at event with actual people that have gotten off their butts and actually performing strenuous, excersize-like actions.... but hey, it's all about money anyway.. you can have CoD tournament at the welfare office and the welfare office will stand to make money... so that's really what it boils down to... all about money.. that's fine. just PLEASE dont call playing videos games an actual sport..

PsylentKiller2500d ago

The word sport can be used as it refers to a competition. Sport fishing comes to mind. It's not really a sport to me like video games aren't really a sport. However, calling it a sport really doesn't matter. The word I really don't think they should use is "athlete". The players in these tournaments are: players, competitors, entertainers, etc. Whatever you want to call them is fine but please don't refer to them as athletes just because they play video games.

DesVader2500d ago

Big milestone I think for gamers being included in XGames...

schmoe2500d ago

yessir. this is a pretty big deal

pompombrum2500d ago

It's a great step to see games at XGames but Ghosts? They should have went with Black Ops 2.

HoldenZA2500d ago

I agree that Black Ops 2 was the better competitive game but you have to go with the latest title when it comes to sponsorship and prizes etc. Especially for console.

Fishy Fingers2500d ago

Has no place being at the xgames in my opinion. Guess they consider it mutually beneficial as they appeal to similar demographics.

SwamiOnTheMountain2500d ago

Why not put it in the Olympics? It's as boring to watch as soccer is.