An Audience With Andrew House

"In association with Brighton’s Develop Conference – where House and Mark Cerny will meet on July 9 to discuss the past, present and future of PlayStation – we catch up with Sony’s chief exec to reflect on PS4’s flying start, Japan, and the perils of working for a boss who used to do your job."

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Hk85karlsson2498d ago

Elegant, as always.
I just love his choice of words.
Andrew House, Mark Cerny, Shu Yoshida. The holy trinity.

Microsoft has Spencer, that´s it.
The rest of MS is clowns, clowns, and some more clowns.
(Ballmer, look up that guys comment about the first iPod, hilarious)

harrisk9542498d ago

Interesting... When it released its original sales goals, Sony was expecting 5 million SHIPPED units, but SOLD-THROUGH over 7 million to consumers... When companies release sales goals/expectations, they never say "shipped" vs. "sold"... This means that Sony never expected to sell through even the 5 million units they anticipated. Great admission by House that Sony was originally referencing shipped units last year when they made their goals public. This partially explains the lack of supply that continues to plague the PS4 some parts of the world. Good going Sony! It will likely continue after E3, as PS4 continues to be a hot item for retailers.

From the interview:

Q: PS4 passed seven million consoles sold recently. How does that stack up against your initial expectations? Massively beyond them.

A: "Back in September, I’d laid out a goal of selling in [to retailers] five million units within the fiscal [year, ending March 31]. For us to surpass that by a very large chunk – and, indeed, to sell those units through to consumers – has just been a phenomenal response, for which we are enormously grateful. We are substantially ahead of the adoption curve for PS2 at the same time in its lifecycle, which obviously bodes extremely well."