Former Console Enemies Now Console BFFs

On the left: Xbox boss Phil Spencer. On the right: former PlayStation boss Jack Tretton. Such a lovely photo. E3: where console war turns into console peace.

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xpgINSANITY2500d ago

I approve! This proves that being a gamer and enjoying the industry as a whole is better then being a fanboy to one brand or company.

AngelicIceDiamond2500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )

Mean while the fanboys take a glimpse into the real world when they see this pic of these two together.

Fanboys be like

This is absolutely normal to me.

christocolus2500d ago

Lol. This is so cool. Its how it should be.

Counting down to MS conference. So hyped.

MightyNoX2500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )

That's surprising, coming from the clown who made these statments:

"Anyone who thinks Microsoft would remove the Kinect is an IDIOT!"

"Don Mattrick controlled everything like a dictator, Phil is our savior."

Because in the real world, Corporations make decisions via comitee not bypassed by one, all powerful executive. Take baby steps into reality, my son. :)

Anyway, now let Phil do this with an actual Sony executive, then we're talking

bintarok2500d ago

What gunna happen if Jack going "left" someday, would fanboys be okay?

AngelicIceDiamond2500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )


"Anyone who thinks Microsoft would remove the Kinect is an IDIOT!"

Nice play on words I don't remember saying or calling anyone an idiot. And did I admit twice to you that I was DEAD wrong about Kinect not being taken out?

Yeah I did and this is the 3rd time you need a serious dose of memory pills.

"Don Mattrick controlled everything like a dictator, Phil is our savior."

Yeah I don't recall saying that. But Xbox has been in a bad spot and well maybe just maybe Phil can save it.

"Because in the real world, Corporations make decisions via comitee not bypassed by one, all powerful executive. Take baby steps into reality, my son. :)"

What the.. wtf are you even talking about? That has nothing to do with anything I said.

This is the 3rd time you tried coming at me and failed.

How bout you go and stalk and pick fights with someone else.

christocolus2500d ago


You need to ignore mighty. He always makes up stuff to rile up gamers just like himself and cos issues. Just ignore him&move on dude. Nothing to see there.

AngelicIceDiamond2500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )

@Chris Yeah hes just doing it for the attention and agrees.

Its amazing how someone here can make up stuff about somebody just to rile ppl up and get everyone on his side for whatever reason.

Its a very sad site to see. Whatever he's the one with the issues and super serious problems not me.

Anyway glad to see Jack in made it to E3 I'll enjoy his expert analysis on everything that gets shown off.

I'm pumped man I can't sleep lol.

xboxftw2500d ago

Look at the disagrees to people who are hyped for MS conference or are happy to see both MS Sony bigwigs hanging together.

Give it break guys real life is not all about console preferences. I have not gone and hated on someone if he's a playstation fan.

When you don't have a job since you were busy playing games and showing love for one console neither sony nor ms will come and feed you.

OculusRift2500d ago


Oh snap. Mighty you got him on the ropes.. #rekt

blackbeld2500d ago

A photo says nothing. A big smile on the face but you can not see inside they're heads.

Inside they're heads they mus be thinking I can do second face no problem.

nix2500d ago

i swear they're holding daggers inside their pockets.

Darkstares2500d ago

What is wrong with you guys, can't even go one day without arguing about stupid things. The industry actually has a lot of respect for each other, lots of hard work just to get a game created let alone designing and coming out with new hardware. Isn't N4G about our interest in this hobby, so why do so many refuse to get along with others?

XisThatKid2500d ago

Wow, its just competition why would just hate each other? and the console war can be important to who ever, Would we say the same for sports team fans are just as pointless in that case. Age old argument about preference.

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AngelicIceDiamond2500d ago

Agreed way better than being a aggressive raging little fanboy.

Magnes2500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )

Wow Chris and Angelic stop lecturing people about being fanboys. You are two of the biggest Xbox Fanboys on this sight. Comment on the article for crying out loud.
On topic good to see when these guys happen upon each other they can act like adults for a photo op.

DLConspiracy2500d ago

This picture brings a tear to my little gamer eye. Take a moment and soak this in guys.

DLConspiracy2500d ago

Even in a positive article people still can't refrain from arguing and disagrees.. gamers...

ZodTheRipper2500d ago

It's like you've always thought that they hate each other ...of course they ALL get along just fine, it always was rather friendly competition in this industry.

DLConspiracy2500d ago

I never said they hated each other. I was just happy to see it. A rarity. Isn't it ironic? Don't ya think? Its like raiiiiiiiiinnn......


showtimefolks2500d ago

I will miss uncle jack for sure but if he is happy than so are his fans. Also phil spencer is such a cool dude, hopefully xbox one brand will be able to build up some positive momentum at E3

stop hating be gamers not fanboys

peace out enjoy today

Magicite2500d ago

console wars are made by fanboys for fanboys.

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Walker2500d ago Show
xboxftw2500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )

Haha and here on n4g fanboys are at each other's throats. Sony and MS have jointly done many business dealings together all the way from using selling windows o/s on Sony notebooks.

can't wait for later today to check out the conferences. MS's countdown is shown on xbox how about Sony? Link for countdown?

Swiggins2500d ago

Microsoft and Sony have done a tremendous amount for each other and the competition between them is what's really making each other better.

I don't know why everybody thinks this is some sort of "Game of Thrones", the two companies have always maintained at least a modicum of professional integrity and respect for each other.

Yes the mouthpieces occasionally rifle off at each other, but it's more to poke fun at then seriously insult one another.

URNightmare2500d ago

Spencer asking Jack for advice.

MasterCornholio2500d ago

Oh so Phil is taking mic throwing lessons from Jack. Thats pretty cool.

Mystogan2500d ago

I don't get the disagrees... Is asking for advice a bad thing now?

Or is this a poor attempt at trolling?

vivid832500d ago

I thought the same thing people need to seriously chill unlike fanboys these companies do actually have working relationships so who are fanboy fighting on behalf of ?????

MrSwankSinatra2500d ago

This is so awesome. This is what gaming community really should be about. Sure we might have different preferences but when it comes down to it we are all gamers that all want the same thing, GAMES...

Darkstares2500d ago

Yet so far half the people here disagreed with you. Sad.

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