Nintendo E3 Digital Event is 30 minutes long says Nico Nico

Last year's Nintendo E3 Direct was roughly 40 minutes and Japanese streaming site Nico Nico says that this year's Digital Event will be 30 minutes.

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JohnathanACE2498d ago

Only 30 minutes? Seems a little short but should be enough time if Nintendo doesn't spend to long on little things.

ritsuka6662498d ago

Yea, short.. you want Nintendo streaming a full playthough game,right? kids in this days...

--Onilink--2498d ago

it is actually pretty short. At 3 minutes per game, we would only hear about 10 (3DS and WiiU). Considering its almost guaranteed they will also talk about games already out/that we know of (Mario Kart, Tomodachi Life, Hyrule Warriors, Bayo2, etc), plus whatever time they use for any system related announcements (updates, new features, etc) It would barely leave time for 1 new game announcement per console.

I seriously doubt it will only be 30 min, they have a lot to show

Concertoine2498d ago (Edited 2498d ago )


-unannounced 3ds title that warrants a press conference
-unannounced NFC game
-miyamoto's game which may be either of the above
-zelda u
-bayonetta 2
-hyrule warriors

Fatal frame
Project STEAM (maybe one of the first 3 titles)
Something entirely unexpected

I can't see that fitting in 30 minutes. The nintendo direct was minimum on the yacking and it was way longer.

DarthZoolu2497d ago

I'm not expecting much, I've owned every Nintendo console ever and I know what to expect in the games department.

wonderfulmonkeyman2498d ago (Edited 2498d ago )

It would make sense that it's shorter when you take into account the fact that they're spreading out their new game announcements to all 3 days of E3 via the Nintendo Treehouse presentations.
It would be a way to give themselves a way to reveal all they want to show with an emphasis on each individual game, rather than constraining them all to the main presentation, so that we will have a reason to come back to view Nintendo's side of E3 during every single day of it.

Fortunately, though, that's just a placeholder; they've already previously announced the timeframe for their main presentation being an hour long, with another little something afterwards to reveal a new 3DS game.

3-4-52497d ago


If you look at the List of Nintendo for E3 you can see they plan on announcing a few things over the course of the 3-4 days.

They aren't just going to hit you with everything at once, not in a 30 min presentation.

* This means that we will get most of the stuff we already know in the presentation with a few hints at what is to come and one 2 new game announcements.

On Wed/Thurs we will get other NEW game announcements and a surprise or two.

* I think they will introduce Mario Kart 8 Battle Mode DLC right away for immediate download following the presentation.

* This way everyone is playing MK8 after Nintendo's presentation instead of following the other companies.

^ Just a theory...could be way off.

DonDon2497d ago

I'm not surprised. No wonder Iwata suddenly felt too sick to attend at the LAST second.

"Please Understand" - Iwata 2014

AceBlazer132498d ago

Maybe they plan to just pop up show their games and dive out.

animegamingnerd2498d ago

lets hope that is just the japan one cause this schedule is listing it to be 90 minutes

weekev152498d ago

30 mins is all they need when you dont have the bs of a stage show. Peggle 2 yay!

Geobros2498d ago

LOL!!! I hope that this wont be true.

LOL_WUT2498d ago

No wonder they decided not to have a presentation their direct is only 30 min! Lol I hope they don't mess this up ;)

DonDon2497d ago

No wonder Iwata decided to stay home and play sick.

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