Phil Spencer on the eve of E3 2014

The latest podcast from Major Nelson includes a few minutes with Phil Spencer on the night before the Xbox E3 Media Briefing kicks off. Phil talks about meeting Bungie recently and how they plan to up the resolution of the xbox one version of destiny due to the updated sdk.
He also says that sunset overdrive will use the extra power to make the worlds more interactive.

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NYC_Gamer2504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

I like how Phil speaks from the gamer side of things..The dude is pure class even gives respect to his competition.

christocolus2504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

The guy is great,some of my friends who plan to attend the conference had the chance of meeting him at LA and they say the guy is pure class.down to earth and laid back. I'm glad he is the new boss.Its going to be a great show.

The photo used in the article is the stage to be used tomorrow for the conference. They done setting it up and it looks awesome.

OpieWinston2504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

That's a nice looking stage.
I'M way too pumped. I can't wait till they show off games at E3.

Phil is doing a great job...I've got a feeling this gen will be way better than 360. (Especially since the 360 stopped taking risks half way through the gen)

Now Microsoft will be growing and making Xbox a lot more competitive. Which will push Sony to be more competitive... I'm hoping Nintendo gets in there with Zelda/X.

cruzngta2504d ago

Agreed christocolus. This man is amazing and a savior for XB1. All the best to him.

user14394142504d ago

Shuhei Yoshida will be looking forward to Microsofts E3 show. XoXoXo

aragon2504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

the way you guys talk about phil and shuhei like they r the perfect people do u people get turned on when they see pics of shu and phil?

LackaJaKane2504d ago

@christocolus... Like you,i don't think i'm going to be able to sleep do to e3. Probably won't get it until later that night at work

@MrTehDiNGO... stop hugging and kissing everything man.

on topic: phil said sunset overdive will take advantage of the 10% gpu increase by making a more vibrant and more alive gameplay space and will be shown at e3.

also he said bungie will take advantage of the increase by changing destiny's resolution.


christocolus2504d ago

Lol. I do hope I can catch some sleep. Need to be fully awake tomorrow.I need to be prepared to take in all the glorious announcements.

XiSasukeUchiha2504d ago

So true Naruto well said ninja, but off topic but where's your equal Obito Uchiha?

Bonkerz2504d ago

Man Phil is such a likeable guy. Literally he sounds so down to earth and really just sounds like a gamer. He sounds just as excited to make announcements as we are waiting for the announcements. Hes been a great leader, perfect guy to lead Xbox.

WeAreLegion2504d ago

I bet he's jazzed. I'd be so excited to give a presentation about something I love, especially games. Good luck, Phil!

OpieWinston2504d ago

God I'm so pumped for E3, I'm glad we're starting off with Xbox, means I can get my Fable Legends/Halo gameplay right ahead of time.

And hopefully end the first day off of E3 with a Last Guardian trailer.

Phil taking the time to do a little podcast is cool, if I was him I wouldn't stop rehearsing.

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