The Classic Tekken, Retrospective and Review

The classic Tekken for Playstation got a Retrospective and also two reviews, one written from a 1995 perspective and one from today's perspective in this article which describes the game, the limbs control type introduced with Tekken, the characters, the soundtrack and more.

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Geobros2501d ago

Ahhhh....memories!! I loved that game!!

Hoffmann2501d ago

It was truly the King of Fighters at its release time :-)

Tony-Red-Grave2500d ago

Some can argue it still is. Not much has changed about the core mechanics in the game over the years but they added alot to the series. I don't think many games outside of soul caliber have stayed so true to the core fighting mechanics. ( not that i'm an expert on this XD )

That aside I can't wait for Tekken7 news >.<

Jyndal2500d ago

I was more of a Virtua Fighter fan.

Hoffmann2500d ago

I might write an article and review that one too, prefered Tekken but "The grand-father of 3D fighting games" really deserves that spotlight on my new project too!

DEEBO2500d ago

Tekken is and will always be the king of fighters.You knew a fighting game is good when you can apply some of the techniques to fighting in real life.

virtual fighter to me was good when it hit the ps2 and ps3.

I remember this guy who iwent to high school with had a ps1 (he sold it to me for 300 with resident evil)he had it at a party,this dude won 50 fights in a row i was hook from that moment on.button mashing gets you k nowhere with tekken

MWH2500d ago

two words: Eddy Gordo a.k.a Button-Masher's Savior

Hoffmann2500d ago

But a button mashing Eddy Gordo player who does not know what he does and does not know how to block /counter attacks from his opponent does not have a good chance against someone who knows what he does.

I think Tekken is cool because its both easy for "noobs" among each other..they play the game and get some of the cooler moves and some combos together through simply pressing the left punch following by the right one while other people who learn the characters can develope real strategies and can play Tekken on a whole different technical level.

Many other fighters like BlazBlue and even SF to some extend are hard to get by "newbies2 who have...somehow problems already to perform a single ha-do-ken

Gabnet2500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )

I've got so many hours put into TTT2. I just can't get tired of it. The movelists are so in-depth and varied. I'm hoping for some tekken 7 news this e3.

Hoffmann2500d ago

Hell really is time for Tekken 7 and i hope it won't be just T6 with new graphics, more moves and characters but a re-start or a new-start with many different gameplay features, new characters and letting some of the older ones die.

We had the basically same Tekken now since Tekken 5 in 2004...its getting a bit stale

yokokoroma2499d ago

Nothing ever beats where a series starts. Of course, Tekken is originally known for it's feat of defying the laws of gravity. Yet, it is definitely a classic fighting game!