Games with Gold vs. PlayStation Plus: June 2014

GamerFitnation compares the offerings from Xbox Live and PlayStation Plus this month.

Both Xbox and PlayStation stepped up their game in June. Is the addition of Xbox One games to Games with Gold enough for Xbox to compete with PlayStation Plus' free games?

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GarrusVakarian2501d ago (Edited 2501d ago )

This is the first time ive enjoyed the Xbox offerings more than the PS offerings. Max: Curse of Brotherhood was awesome. Very clever gameplay mechanics and level design. Not a fan of Halo: Spartan Assault, but Max alone made this month better for the X1 for me.

brotherlymoses2501d ago

Yeah, wasn't a big fan of halo spartan assault, but max is really fun.

No_Limit2501d ago

Lukas, I am still getting that "failed to load" message for both Spartan Assault and Max. How did you manage to resolve your download?

GarrusVakarian2501d ago (Edited 2501d ago )

It was stuck at 99%, then i just turned on my X1 on the day of the update, when the update finished they were both at a 100%, ready to play.

Not sure what's up with yours, sorry dude. Did you try deleting and re-installing them?

What Chimichanga said also, go into your settings and manually update, that's if you haven't received the update automatically already.....

Chimichanga2501d ago

Make sure your console has the latest system update.

GamingSinceThe80s2501d ago

It's great to know we get 4 games free every month now between PS4 and XB1 now.This is why everybody should want both MS and Sony to do good.Because we all win while these giant's fight it out for our money.Competition>fanboy hate.

RiPPn2501d ago

Max is great, but wow is Spartan Assault bad, especially those microtransactions. smh Trine 2 and Pixeljunk Shooter are also superb so I still think Sony wins the month 2 - 1 on current gen. But if this level of quality keeps up on both then having both subs will be worth the price of admission imo.

GarrusVakarian2501d ago

I have yet to download Trine 2, i was too busy focusing on Max, but now that i have finished Max, i'll move onto Trine 2.

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KittieOnALeash2501d ago

I have to give it to Gold for this month. I've always wanted to try out Dark Souls and even though I already have Super Street Fighter IV, I'm excited to play with some new friends. All of the other games are going to be pretty awesome as well. :)

Software_Lover2501d ago

For those of you who have an xbox 360 and xbox live but do not have an XBone yet.......

You can go to and purchase these items now (for free) under the games with gold tab so that when you get an XBone they will be available to download for free. As long as you keep your Xbox live subscription. Just letting you know in case you didn't already

MasterCornholio2501d ago (Edited 2501d ago )

Wow it works the same way as PS+ thats great to know.


P.S I mean it as a good thing.

Software_Lover2501d ago

Didn't take it as a bad thing. I knew about ps plus but I just got an Xbone and tried it out before I had one when the games first released last week. I got the xbone going and downloaded the games instantly.

I figured they (Microsoft) could use some good news.

shinrock2501d ago

Yep, it's just to bad we can no longer keep the games.if ur sub runs out you can't access it. Knida miss the old way. I'll take give over loan any day.

Codey472501d ago

All hail MicroSony for actually delivering a game worthy of competing with Plus' offerings. As opposed to 50p bargain bin games.

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