A Brief History of VR Gaming

Science Fiction has to take most of the credit for the really mind-boggling inventions that have emerged in the latter part of the 20th and early 21st century. Of all of them, though, perhaps simulated reality has been the most inspiring and the one with the most potential. Tron, Strange Days and Lawnmower Man, writers like William Gibson, Neal Stephenson, Isaac Asimov, Philip K Dick and Iain M Banks brought us worlds within worlds, where what was all around us was not ‘all there is’ and maybe we could wander within a land of infinite fun. Maybe.

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DoctorJones2500d ago

I remember my first taste of VR at the London Trocadero when I was about 16. It was in something like this -

Lol, I must have looked like a right wally pew-pewing the other wally's. Good times.

GuruMeditation2500d ago

That's funny, I got my first VR experience at the Trocadero as well lol. It was a game called 'Dactyl Nightmare' on a Virtuality 1000 series, very cool for its time-i highly recommend anyone with an interest in VR circa 1993ish check it out on YouTube. Anyhow, glad it's FINALLY going to make it into my living room :D

DoctorJones2500d ago

Heh that was the year I went lol :P

I can't remember what it was called, it might well have been that I don't know. All I remember was it was a shooting game, shooting the other people that were playing.

Was a good experience though, it was around the time I saw Lawnmower Man so I was quite hyped about VR back then.