Virtual Reality: The Last Interface?

Of all of the new graphical standards development, virtual reality perhaps has the most promise as an ultimate medium: delivering interfaces spanning all 360 degrees of your vision, you can work on many monitors at once, just by assembling your VR environment as a dome or sphere of high-res screens! Gone are the times of hydra-style workstations, you can have new screens anywhere you look! Simply replace your setup with a high-dpi HMD and you can surround yourself with monitors, displaying games, browser tabs, work documents, research articles, TV shows or all the above!

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Christopher2504d ago

All 360 degrees of your vision? Wait, am I the only human that has only about a 160 degree field of view? Do others have 360 degree field of view? WTF mother nature?

Kidding aside, VR is just taking two monitors and smacking them up close to your head. It's not necessarily good for some games, not necessarily bad for others. It's just an option.

astravagrant2503d ago

You don't have to be Owl-Man to turn your head a bit.. ;)

VR is awesome for everything. Even Words With Friends, Tetris and Flappy Bird. I'm not even kidding! It might feel like overkill, but 2D games can be played as if you are sitting in a theatre playing it on a massive screen. It means you can choose your focal length, rather than squinting at a tiny screen at arm's length. It could lead to less eyesight problems due to excessive monitor work..