My 5 Expectations For E3 2014

Justin from Pixel Gate writes:

E3 2014 is just around the corner and there’s a lot of things people are expecting, and hoping to see revealed and shown at the conference. That being said, I’ve compiled a list of games and features I’d love to see shown at this year’s E3. I’d also like to hear your comments, opinions, and what you’d like to see from the conference.

Remember, these are purely speculation. Nothing confirmed, nor denied.

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TheFinalEpisode2509d ago

I really hope the new WiiU Zelda looks as good as the tech demo.

LAWSON722509d ago

I wouldnt be surprised if it looks better, Nintendo are doing the impossible (visually) with this system. Everytime I see MK8 I am blown away

colonel1792509d ago (Edited 2509d ago )

It'll definitely look much better, however, the more realistic art style of the tech demo is what a lot of people is hoping for. Even if they don't use it, I am sure that whatever art style they choose will look great.

Story wise, it would be much better to have a realistic art style so that it could have a deeper, and a little bit more mature story.

LAWSON722509d ago (Edited 2509d ago )


I think it would be smart for them to do a realistic Zelda, because as you stated well, "it could have a deeper, and a little bit more mature story." something Wii U titles have not really been aiming for that

filchron2508d ago

I really hope so. The demo they showed was really weaksauce. it just looked like an uprezzed TP. static lighting on link's face. no reflections coming off the shield (even OoT had that crescent moon shield that reflected in a badass way). it was a little disappointing to be completely honest with nintendo.

Bizzare212509d ago

Microsoft showing an Xbox one slim at E3 is highly unlikely. Especially since the Kinectless XB1 is going on sale the same day.

LAWSON722509d ago

Highly unlikely? I think we just put that one under not going to happen

incendy352509d ago

I agree, but if they did want to release a digital only version that was even cheaper "350" it would make sense. Basically three choices. Digital, BluRay, Kinect. That covers pretty much all the potential buyers.

I do think you are right though, they will hold off on announcing the slim version until holiday or next year.

Manio312509d ago

My list is more of something that I'd like to see, but I did mention the fact it might not happen because of the Kinectless one being launched.

colonel1792509d ago (Edited 2509d ago )

Dead Space 4 is not going to happen. The franchise is damaged and VIceral is working on Homefront and a Star Wars game, so they are busy.

For me, it would be fine to not have another Dead Space. EA ruined it with their stupid greed. Maybe some years down the line there could be a reboot, but this generation doesn't need more Dead Space.

Geekman2509d ago

Pretty sure all of them are being shown but #3.

(Whew! Did that without cursing out the author for insulting Skyward Sword.)

eworthington02509d ago

I really enjoyed skyward sword.

Manio312509d ago

Meh, I just couldn't get into it :(

If the WiiU has backwards compatibility (I don't know much about the console) I'll probably revisit it.