Road to E3 – Where’s My Sequel? – Star Fox

SpawnFirst's Brian O'Donnell has his fingers crossed for a new Star Fox game at E3. "... I feel that Star Fox is too big to be a handheld game and belongs on a console, which Fox and friends haven’t been on since 2005"

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incendy352506d ago

Haha, it is definitely time for Star Fox to return!

-Foxtrot2506d ago

Swear to god if Nintendo make it for the 3DS only instead of the Wii U I'd be a little ticked off. I bloody love Star Fox.

mikel10152506d ago

It wouldn't make sense since every single Starfox game was a console game beside an N64 port

bodweiser2506d ago

there was also star fox command in 2006 which was on the DS

-Foxtrot2506d ago

Yeah but you know what they are like these days, even though the 3DS has a shit load of games and is selling really well they still feel the need to focus more on that instead of helping the Wii U out.