Meet Black Wall, a Grey Warden Companion in Dragon Age: Inquisition

LGN "Bioware has issued yet another image showcasing Black Wall, a Grey Warden and one of the companions which will be featured in Dragon Age Inquisition. The quote reveal a bit more about his character."

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AgentSmithPS42505d ago

Please Warden protect us from EA, let the game be great!

ThePope2505d ago

That's not terribly fair. EA of old was a monster. But for quite some time now they have released great games (not all of them) and taken chances on new franchises like Dead Space, PvZ: GW, and Star Wars: TOR. That last one especially as it cost a fortune, and no MMO is a sure thing even with the Star Wars name on it AND it being made by Bioware.

And what happened when Visceral wanted to take a break from Dead Space? They let them, and now they are working on the most unique Battlefield in years.

EA has even moved away from owning all the studios it publishes games for, instead partnering and letting them have creative freedom. And what do we get from that, I don't know a little game called Titanfall.