How to win the 'games are evil' arguments

Brooke of AGGN takes a look at some of the good things that video games do and gives you something to fight those 'video games are evil' arguments on social media which is even more powerful than a blue-spiny shell... Knowledge.

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Mega242510d ago

What explains the violence before the years 10,000 BC and 1,980 A.D.? What happened during the middle ages? Everyone played too much Doom?

Its easier to blame something for our own wrong doing.

Sy_Wolf2510d ago

I accidentally hit "disagree" on your comment because n4g kind of blows on mobile. I am truly sorry because I use this argument myself all the time. I hope my apology and bubble will make up for my mistake.

Sy_Wolf2510d ago

Or you could point them at this massive 10 year study that shows that violent video games don't have any negative effects on kinds

You could also explain that the ESRB is a thing to stop kids from playing violent games without the parent's permission exactly like the MPAA does with films. Wouldn't hurt to add that all games have a rating on them and say in plain English why they are rated that way.