Nine Awesome PlayStation E3 2014 Predictions | A handful of us on the Sony coverage team decided to share our predictions for PlayStation's E3 2014 conference.

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NovusTerminus2500d ago

Since FF and KH are not showing the main game I want to see that is not already confirmed to show up is Gravity Rush 2. Aside from that it's the basics. MGS, U4, Project BEAST, ect.

Back-to-Back2499d ago

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yokokoroma2499d ago (Edited 2499d ago )

The likelihood (i.e. guaranteed) that all of these predictions (aside from Project Morpheus) will come to fruition at E3 are slim to none. The Last Guardian (if shown) is most likely a PS4 game now, which is good for PS4 owners, but it was promised for PS3. Quantic Dreams could have a game to reveal, most likely a trailer. If they had actual gameplay footage, I'd be highly impressed. Everything else on the list is up in the air.