Review of Dark Souls 1

Dark Souls is free on the Xbox service “Games with Gold” at the time of writing - So this seems like a good time to review it!

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gamestoast2505d ago

I'm about half way through DS2 (maybe) :p the Old Iron King keeps annihilating me!

helghast1022505d ago

Old Iron King is a total joke of a boss, everything he does is telegraphed for days

gamestoast2505d ago

I've only given him a few tries. I need to learn his attack patterns. Hopefully he is easier than the Smelter Demon was!

helghast1022505d ago

Trust me, he's far easier, just don't lock on so you can keep an eye on his arms.

Bimkoblerutso2505d ago

It seems that the one thing people still don't understand about the Souls games is that since there are so many different ways to play the game, it stands to reason that people are sometimes going to have difficulty with different parts of the games.

No disrespect to you, helghast, but EVERY time anyone says anything about anything being difficult in a Souls game, there is always a response to the tune of "OMG HOW!? THAT'S THE EASIEST PART IN THE GAME!!"


twdll2505d ago

You should play through Demons souls. IMHO it was harder. Of course not much online nowadays, but back then it was great.

Dancinsolo2505d ago

Dak1 is the better game of the three. Demon's doesn't hold up as well nowadays. Nice blueprint but lots of things are rough though. People still have the fog glasses with that one. I found it overall easier and beat it in a weekend compared to the others

darren_poolies2505d ago

The hardest one is the one you played first which for a lot of people was Demon's Souls but overall Dark Souls is the superior game in my eyes. It took everything Demon's Souls had and turned it up to 11, the level design in particular is superb, the best I have have ever seen in a game.

twdll2504d ago

Yea, when I look back, Demon Souls was "harder" for me because it was newer. When I played Dark and Dark 2 I kinda new what I was in for.. When I originally played Demon Souls I was like Damn every 30 seconds or so. Im on the look out for the new Project Beast. That game looks very nice. Oh, yea, I forgot The Witcher 3 looks amazing too.