Murdered: Soul Suspect Review [Game Rant]

Anthony Taormina of Game Rant writes: "Now that Murdered: Soul Suspect has arrived, we are disappointed to report that much of its initial promise was simply that. While there is no question that Airtight Games was on to something, the game’s execution ultimately falls far short of our hopes, and worse yet the game is just plain dull."

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Multiplatguy2502d ago

What? No way..

I am really enjoying the game, it feels different and I considered it a fresh take to a game. It hooked me from the very start.

2502d ago
oleretrogamer2502d ago

I agree I am enjoying the game also. I love the graphics looks awesome one the PS4.

--bienio--2501d ago

Since the release of Watch Dogs (a great game) I only play in the title, and I have to admit for a long time none of the titles attracted me to the Pc as much as WD, but going back to the theme Murder Suspects Souls I bought on release and from what I've seen so far I know with me, this game does not disappoint.
Ps. Sory for my English...;)