Microsoft E3 Press Conference Preview: Redemption Song

CVG: One can only imagine how deeply frustrating it is for Microsoft executives to know that the Xbox One is still a name associated with bad decisions.

Not only that, but poorly communicated bad decisions, awkwardly endorsed by the company's representatives before a sudden and dramatic reversal amid a chorus of outrage.

The past may be prologue, but the Xbox team are desperate to draw a line under the whole debacle, and E3 will offer that chance.

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UltimateMaster2508d ago

"Redemption Song"
Better late than never.

VforVideogames2508d ago ShowReplies(2)
Ashunderfire862508d ago

Redemption Songs...Was all I ever had!!!!

Grimhammer002508d ago

REDEMPTION. only for those who are worthy. Whats it called when a entity pretends to seek redemption? Because I assure you thats what at hand concerning MS.

Belasco2508d ago

Dont you people ever tire of the "Microsoft is evil and must die" echo chamber? It's boring, think of something new.

JediDiah2508d ago (Edited 2508d ago )

Phil looks at Major and say "Nelson....your fired!"....then he busts a move!

Morgue2507d ago

I honestly think that MS's E3 conference is going to be over the top obnoxious, " super happy for the gamers because we love them " stomach turning, maybe interesting for 5 minuets when they announce whatever exclusives but in the end it's just MS saving face.