6 Great Escapes in Video Games (and 1 That's Kind of Boring)

Mike from Twinfinite writes, "One of the most divisive video game mechanics is the timed mission. Being tasked with achieving a goal or series of goals within a game can be challenging enough. Adding in the stress of having to do so within a limited time is often enough to drive many gamers over the edge. I totally get that feeling; I have that one particular level in Super Mario Bros. 3 burned into my mind for life. There are a lot of different ways timers can be used as a fail-state situation, and the following titles are some fun and innovative examples of turning an annoying trope into a thrilling experience."

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capitanandi2507d ago

I absolutely adore that sequence when you have to escape Ganon's Castle with Zelda at the end of Ocarina of Time. Mmmmmm

dRanzer2507d ago

what about the mission sniper with captian praice in modern warfare?
a hell of a good sequence