Review: Worms Battleground (Console Monster)

Console Monster writes: "Ah yes, Worms. I can recall evenings when I was a child playing Worms on my PC against random people online via a 56k connection, getting completely massacred, and thinking “Wow! This is the future!”. Luckily for you and me, the future of worms turned out to be much brighter, and Worms: Battlegrounds is proof of that.

Not that a storyline was ever important in a Worms game, but they do attempt to create one. Taking place around a historical museum, a generic evil villain has stolen an ancient StoneCarrot artifact and now you and your worms must retrieve it. Guided by the narration of actress Katherine Parkinson, the storyline may not be worthy of any awards, but what did you expect from a Worms title? Sadly the single player storyline is only twenty five extremely short levels and ten additional 'Spec Ops' missions, the latter of which feel more like tutorial levels than actual missions. If you plan to play this game solo only, you will no doubt become bored extremely fast. The AI isn't the sharpest and they can sometimes draw out their turns into what feels like some sort of super-eternity but who buys a Worms game for single player? It's all about going to war with your friends and loved ones! But I'll get into that a bit later on."

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