What Will Microsoft Show at E3

Max Level: There have been some huge announcements this last month and it makes me wonder what what will be shown during the conference. Microsoft just released a substantial update, announced a lot of apps that are coming to their two consoles, and even showed gameplay from two of their bigger games. I think they have something up their sleeve. What do you all think?

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JediDiah2502d ago

I think it will show a more humble and contrite Xbox!

alexkoepp2502d ago

Gold, pure and simple. Xbox is going to have the best game lineup ever showcased at E3, only 4 more days!

Allsystemgamer2502d ago

You're DEFINATELY on microsofts payroll. The ONLY thing I'm excited to see from Microsoft is halo 5. I couldn't care less about fable as that died after the first one. Sunset looks good but that's already had a massive reveal, I don't have an interest in forza because I have gran turismo, project cars and drive club.

Wni02502d ago

they pay naughty dog 7.5 million dollars for the rights to TLoU 2 boom baby. just like gta.

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Nes_Daze2502d ago

Third Party exclusive dlc
1 new ip..maybe.
teh forza graphix
game trailers
Third party exclusive dlc

LAWSON722502d ago

MS has gotten so much stuff out of the way already and have been active all month and even treating PC gamers with controller drivers and Fable coming to Steam. I think they are going to blow minds at E3, it seems they have news on a daily basis before the show even begins

ScubaSteve12502d ago

first they will talk about how xbox one is doing in sales, then talk about the rest of the world, then games, games, games

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The story is too old to be commented.