PayPal Now Available for Payment on PS4

Latest email campaign from Sony highlights PayPal usage on the PS4

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nicksetzer12507d ago ShowReplies(2)
Lawboy22507d ago

Yo I'm am kinda really happy with this

guitarded772507d ago

I would be, but this just makes being broke even easier for me :/

alexkoepp2507d ago

Very nice, can't trust Sony with my card after I had to cancel it over the Great PSN Hack of 2011. Great to have someone I can trust now.

WalterWJR2507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

So Alex, you trust a company like Ebay/PayPal who charge you nearly 20% to sell any of your own possessions more than Sony who mysteriously once upon a time "lost" customers information in which no proof ever came to light. Interesting :)

Silly gameAr2507d ago

So clever alex. Shouldn't you be somewhere hyping/defending the X1 or something?

Prime1572507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

I like this. It's similar to how Amazon has a digital store for psn. Changes like this are good.

On another note: Like alex, truefan, George, green, and a few others even have a PS system to express their worry about. You think they would be more upset about LOSING dead rising as a viable argument for exclusivity after the promise of it NEVER leaving x1. Oh yeah, it was just announced.

2507d ago
VforVideogames2507d ago

SO ps4 is trying to be like xb1 now?

Muffins12232507d ago Show
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kratoz12092507d ago

I just logon to my account and add paypal funds to my psn account

Christopher2507d ago

Now you can do it from your console as well.

KwietStorm_BLM2507d ago

Been doing it for a few months now. I don't know why Sony just sent me an email about it.

Alex_Boro2507d ago

Lol title kind of looked like "Playstation Now" for a second.

TheFallenAngel2507d ago

It's been an option for a while. The other day I was trying to buy something with paypal but it said something about my bank.

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The story is too old to be commented.