Resident Evil Outbreak petition amasses 10k signatures

Diehard fans of the Resident Evil Outbreak series have amassed 10,000 signatures of support for their "Request for Resident Evil Outbreak File #3" petition. Since 2007, loyal fans have read and signed the petition in an attempt to convince Capcom to revive the series. The petition has been sent to Capcom.

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nope1112513d ago

Capcom should certainly consider it, especially with the popularity of online gaming.

MrSwankSinatra2512d ago (Edited 2512d ago )

No offense, but only 10,000 signatures since 2007? That's pretty bad....

Clumpy2512d ago

That is amazing, great effort by the people behind this :). I would have signed it too, and I truly hope Capcom responds, ecspecially if gathering those signatures took 7 years...

veegeeeffex2512d ago

Capcom doesn't listen to fans.

Don't you remember how they've mishandled their key franchises over the years now?

ocelot072512d ago

Putting my name to this. Even though I would love a Outbreak File 3. A HD version of both File 1 and 2 for the PS4 complete with the online multiplayer back will make my day.

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The story is too old to be commented.