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"While the premise is clever and it hits all the right notes for a hardboiled detective noir, the execution is unsatisfying. Without a more definitive character resolution, it feels like an endless series of peppy but empty narratives without much in the way of character growth."

~ Blake Peterson, GameRevolution

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ftwrthtx2507d ago

Doesn't sound very good from all of the reviews.

Wni02506d ago

sounds better than deadly overrated premoniton

X-Ender-XI2506d ago

You clearly didn't play it properly.

Wni02506d ago

Is it possible to play with a camera system from 2001? .. And horrendous gameplay that, as I have said before couldnt hold a candle to Alone In The Dark remake which is a 2/5 game.

Nes_Daze2506d ago

It's an okay game, it's definitely something new, so far I've encountered so many glitches though, kinda takes a bit from the experience.

X-Ender-XI2506d ago

Is it worth full retail price?

Nes_Daze2506d ago

Not at all rent it or wait for it to hit bargain price.

dbjj120882506d ago

It sounds like an interesting concept. I'll either buy it over summer when I'm bored or wait for a sale.