Forza Dev: Third Series Possible as Franchise Evolves I IGN

IGN: "Could a third Forza join Motorsport and Horizon at some point?"

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Septic1688d ago

Please don't start milking this. The Forza games are great because they are obviously a labour of love. Give the franchise some time after Horizon unless the next Forza game really is a big jump over its predecessors.

GarrusVakarian1688d ago (Edited 1688d ago )

Yeah, but.... what if they made a Forza: Rally?

Day one. Lol.

Keep the mainline Forza games every two-three years or so (Turn 10), and rotate the Horizon series with something else (Playground).

creeping judas1687d ago

Maybe? They did do the Rally as a DLC on Horizon 1, so maybe that was there foray into seing if it was a possibility. They did do an amazing job of the rally DLC, but it was just so short, I think I completed it in 2-3hrs.

Wikkid6661687d ago

Yes!!! a great realistic rally game would be welcomed.

I miss the days of Rallispot on the original Xbox.

NatureOfLogic_1687d ago (Edited 1687d ago )

@ Lukas, Or they could include everything in one game like the GT. Imagine if GT cut nascar, formula one, karts and things like rally. We'd have like 6 different GT series. Three different Forza games is milking the franchise.

beans1687d ago

Yes how I miss those Rallisport days as well. It would be great if they made a Rally game.

christocolus1687d ago

Forza street racing.. Ha..Nice. how do you come up with these lovely ideas? I think a street racing game would be closer in style to pgr though.

VforVideogames1687d ago

How about FORZA RALLY??? bring it.

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christocolus1687d ago (Edited 1687d ago )

Lukas is right, Forza rally would be great.MS actually owns the rights to rallisport challenge and that ip is dying somewhere in their treasure chest..I can see them bringing it back in the form of a forza spin off and besides i don't see why they can't come up with another great series. FM and FH are both great ips with very high standards,I wouldn't expect anything less from turn 10 and playground and guess what? Forza Rally has a nice ring to it.

GarrusVakarian1687d ago (Edited 1687d ago )

" Forza Rally has a nice ring to it."

You're right, it does. Another thing they could do is Forza: Underground. Underground street racing, but with the same sim physics of the mainline Forza games. Street drag, street racing, street drifting....

Now im getting carried away....

thereapersson1687d ago

to be more precise it should be called Forza Rallisport.

gamerfan09091687d ago

If they spin the franchises to different devs, I don't see how they are milking anything. Forza Horizon is drastically different than the Forza Sim games.

snookiegamer1687d ago (Edited 1687d ago )

Wah? MS lucky to have gamers like you...

Basically Gamers who will pay for anything LMAO ;/

gameon19851687d ago

It's not Milking if all the games share is the same name but with a different subtitle. Forza Horizon is not Forza Motor sport, and I'm sure if they come out wit a 3rd franchise it will not be like Horizon or Motorsport. That would actually be a smart way to have a racer every year with out milking the same type of racer every year. They could very easily find another turn 10 or Playground games that will give just as much labor an passion to their franchise as the other 2.

Spotie1687d ago

It's milking because they're using the Forza name to sell the game. Like Mario and the hundreds of games he stars in: it's milking because, rather than create a new IP, they're tying it to Forza because of the strength of that name.

josephayal1687d ago

MS will keep milking the Forza name as much as they can

fr0sty1687d ago

They're really trying to whore this game out. GT tries to cram content into their games, thousands of cars, many different race modes, etc... Forza seems to want to strip out little sections of the game and turn it into its own series. Just another excuse to charge you another $60 for features they could have just used to make the next Motorsport game better.

mhunterjr1687d ago

Forza horizon is nothing like a game mode stripped out of Forza Motorsport. It's a completely differnent game. Does GT have a open world game mode?

mhunterjr1687d ago

Is this really, milking... The Forza Motorsport and Forza Horizon are completely Different games, when it comes to gameplay. They simply share a brand name.

LAWSON721687d ago (Edited 1687d ago )

What is wrong with using the name Forza with a sub name made by different developers? The name will move units and if they were actually each unique experience with the superb Forza mechanics why complain? There is no universe, characters,or story to ruin and each could potentially have their own audience. I see absolutely no problem with it. However MS better quit milkig the series with DLC with content that was in the games predecessor.

This is not like say CoD or something. They are essentially the same game while Forza could does something like open world experience, professional race type experience, and maybe a rally, arcade style experience. IMO let's see how it plays out before we judge it

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thereapersson1687d ago (Edited 1687d ago )

Sort of off-topic, but would anyone like to see a new project Gotham Racing? I would, as it was one of my favorite game series on XBox. Gave me that Ridge Racer fix better than the newer Ridge Racer games did.

gamerfan09091687d ago (Edited 1687d ago )

Most of the team that made PGR what it is today is spread out over three Microsoft dev teams. Kiki Wolfkill now is a big time higher up at 343 and she's not leaving Halo to work on PGR. And the rest of those guys are working on Forza Horizon games.

thereapersson1687d ago

Hey man, bubbles for the insight. Shame we won't see another PGR game, but it's at least good that some of the development talent that went towards those games is going towards some Forza action. Forza Horizon looks awesome, and it's definitely a game that I would buy a One for.

IRetrouk1687d ago

Some pgr devs went to evolution as well, pgr 4 is probably the best arcade racer from last gen, infact Its the game I put most hours into last gen, absolutely loved it.

GarrusVakarian1687d ago

PGR4 is probably my favourite racer of all time, i would chop off my own head for a new PGR. Lmao.

Dudebro901687d ago

The forza rally stuff in horizon was pretty cool. I could see them making a Dirt style game. I'd play that!

Bundi1687d ago (Edited 1687d ago )

Oh goodness no! Please please no!
Do not let Forza become Final Fantasy with so many spin offs and what not. Just bring back PGR and stop diluting the Forza name.

Horizon and Motorsport are enough and make sense. Rally should either be integrated into Horizon or be another series altogether.

@gamerfan you are arguing my point for me. It would be diluting if they had nothing to do with each other? Why call it Forza then?

gamerfan09091687d ago

How is it diluting it when all of those games have zero in common with each other? Forza Horizon has zero in common besides cars with Forza Motor Sports. PGR is dead. The people that made it excellent are in 343 and playground now. I see no harm in having Forza Xbox's racing mascot. They can just have the IP cover straight up Sim racing, arcade racing, and rally racing.

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