Here Are the Big Video Games That Will Unveil at E3

Gone is the cautious atmosphere of last year's E3. The early successes of the current console cycle heading into the event has greatly alleviated 2013's worries that the Nintendo (NTDOY_) Wii U's failure to take off was a bad sign for the Xbox One and PS4. With Xbox One and PS4 sales already burgeoning early on in the cycle, Sterne Agee analysts are estimating that the installed base of Xbox One and PS4 could grow to up to about 100 million units for each by the end of the current cycle even though PS4 sales are currently stronger than Xbox One sales. That's up from 80 million units from the prior cycle.

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CocoWolfie1598d ago

you can say that again. its gonna be so big and my guess is a lot of people will be watching ;3

randomass1711597d ago

Somebody get the poppers and noise makers! It's gonna be a crazy year for video game reveals! :D

Neonridr1599d ago (Edited 1599d ago )

Good points in the article, until we got to the Nintendo section. Clearly based off of this guys' information, Nintendo has nothing to reveal or show off at all I guess.

I guess he has never heard of a tiny, insignificant game called The Legend of Zelda /s

Nintendo's software lineup is going to be the most exciting they have had in years. If they somehow manage to tease or show off a true Galaxy style Mario game? Expect heads to explode.

Blues Cowboy1598d ago (Edited 1598d ago )

Plus I suspect that X will end up as game of show. Don't get me wrong, all consoles will get huge reveals, but Nintendo must know that the chips are down.

EDIT: remember that the site in question is based on financials and stocks. They make perfectly valid points given their perspective.

randomass1711597d ago

Man I certainly hope so. I have to admit, the last two E3s were not as exciting as I would have hoped (not bad though!) so it would be nice to see Nintendo drop a few bombshells this year. Bust out the fan favorites and the more ambitious projects and all of that good stuff. I honestly expect a lot of great things from all three console makers this year.

Software_Lover1598d ago

I'm looking most forward to........

Halo 2 remake
Halo 5
Uncharted 4
hopefully a gran turismo reveal for ps4
Sunset Overdrive gameplay
The division

steven83r1598d ago

Sunset Overdrive will definitely have gameplay. Will be playable on show floor as well at Century City MS store Sunday.

JediDiah1598d ago

Zelda,Zelda,Zelda..come everyone...Zelda...

randomass1711597d ago

I'm cheering "Zelda" in my mind and heart right now lol! Personally I also want to get see more The Evil Within and The Last Guardian. Seeing all three of these things would excite me to no end!

MerRoids1598d ago (Edited 1598d ago )

I want some Battlefront gameplay!! And a peek, if any into Microsoft AR tech.

Edit: Oh yeah, Halo FTW.

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