People shot with BB gun while waiting in line for PS3!

A group of people waiting in line at a local Best Buy in Kentucky were involved in a drive by BB-gun shooting.

The console wars are getting a little out of hand, "Don't ya think"?

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Marriot VP4447d ago

there were no survivors

but the crowds going in and out of best buy still continued to point and laugh walking by.

ASSASSYN 36o4447d ago

I was in no way involved in this drive-by BB shooting.

Balance4447d ago

maybe the shot in the butt will wake some of them up and realize sony hosed them again by shipping half of what they said and they are waiting for nothing.

THWIP4447d ago

Represent!! :D

I wouldn't be surprised at all, if this type of thing happened here in the western part of the state as well. :o

EnforcerOfTheTruth4447d ago

...Real Freakio or Marty. Who else could have done that if not some fanatic and angry MS fanboy?

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