Nier Retrospective

Rice Digital takes a look back at Nier, one of the most underrated and underplayed games of the last generation.

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DaveyB2615d ago

That was an awesome read. The same guy did a great Drakengard retrospective in two part about a week ago. Brilliant stuff. Nier was such a great game, but critics totally overlooked it's heart and soul.

Mutant-Spud2615d ago

Nier is the only game which has ever made me emotional during a cutscene, it's genuinely sad in parts.

X-Ender-XI2614d ago

Nier started well, but then fell in to the usual predictable fantasy setting. Shame..

LightofDarkness2614d ago

I'm going to go ahead and guess you've never played it then. Or that you at least didn't play far enough to know why that is absolutely not the case.

X-Ender-XI2614d ago

Well, I guess we will have to disagree. Nier to me was one of those games you play, but at the same time you are praying that it will end so that you can play something else.

Inception2614d ago

X-ender, you need to play Nier atleast twice because they not show all the story on 1st playthrough.

Spotie2614d ago

He needs to play it once, first. To think it fell flat, even after just one playing, is insanity.

Grimhammer002614d ago

Nier....incredible game! 5 endings. Music incredible too.

I lost hours just fishing! Lol

LightofDarkness2614d ago

One of my most cherished memories of last gen was playing this game. I was hoping for something similar with Drakengard 3 but apparently it's not all really of the same calibre.

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