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Tim Allen, GIZORAMA - "Out of all of the video game genres that fans decry as dead and gone, or at least ruined forever, survival horror may actually lay claim to that title. Many of the genre’s top titles have stopped entirely, changed genres, become terrible, or some combination of the three. In its heyday, it was never as prevalent as, oh, first-person shooters are now or JRPGs were in the PS2 days, but there were enough big titles to keep interest in the tropes afloat and enough lesser-known cult titles that seemingly many played just to get their clumsy-control-and-spooky-atmo sphere fix (did anyone here play Rule of Rose? And if so, did you like it?). The recent renaissance of indie developers have given horror games a chance to come back, but generally in a slightly evolved, Amnesia-esque fashion. What’s one to do if they have fond memories of being huddled around an original PlayStation, groping their way through an ill-defined darkened environment, being propelled forward by inconsistent voice acting and the promise of some hideous beast around the next corner with limited options to fight said beast or defend yourself? One option to relieve these glory days is to inherit a haunted mansion from a distant uncle. The other? DreadOut."

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