Mirror's Edge Releasing this Month?

A new preview of Mirror's Edge from VGM brings up something interesting towards the end of the preview. Apparently, the game will be releasing this month, in June. Take a look for yourself:

"If this all sounds like a hoot and a half, you won't have to wait long; Mirror's Edge is slated for a mid-June release date." said VideoGameMedia in a preview.

Mid-June is this month, the month we've just entered. Could DICE be planning a surprise release? Or could this just be a major typo?

Via Mirror's Edge Preview @ VGM

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assjacket5475d ago

Cool, I hope it isn't a typo. I'd like to check this game out.

chaosatom3335475d ago (Edited 5475d ago )

I wish.

I say next to impossible.

They have done no marketing, there have been no reviews, haven't announced a solid release date like June 16 or something.

sonarus5475d ago

Common, we are smarter than this

Kakkoii5475d ago


Actually, They have done marketing. They even showed off a trailer at a big event.

Of course there are no reviews. The game isn't finished. Reviews usually happen a day or 2 before a game comes out and after that.

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BilI Gates5475d ago

That would be really weird. Not gonna happen.

Hagaf225475d ago

yeah this can be written off as fake... next story...

gregory2475475d ago

I was thinking the same thing...

Megaton5475d ago

Most likely. Either it's just a mistake or they forgot to add the "2009".

Gun_Senshi5475d ago


There is no way this game is near finish when we saw so little info about it

highdro5475d ago

from what i saw i liked it,...i hope its just like the trailer or i will be let down.