No PC vs. Xbox for Halo 2

In the ever illuminating, unfailingly entertaining weekly update from's Frankie he once again treated Halo fans everywhere to nuggets of primo information. According to this week's update Halo 2 for PCs is finally stepped over the rainbow from black and white test version into actual color. He settled once and for all that Halo 2 will not be on Xbox Live Anywhere's service. According to Frankie: "The gulf (more than two years) between the launch of Halo 2 on Xbox and Halo 2 on PC means that a level playing field would be impossible. Add to that the fact that both versions have their controls and aiming system balanced and tuned for that system's abilities and you would have a lopsided situation at best. Halo 2 Xbox players will continue to play against Xbox and Xbox 360 players, and Halo 2 PC players will play against other PC players.

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