Fortune: Madden is no longer the only football video game in town

FORTUNE -- After watching the success that independent developer Imangi Studios has had with its Temple Run franchise, which has been downloaded over 170 million times across mobile devices, executives at NFL Players Inc. (NFLPI), the marketing arm of the NFL Players Association, saw an opportunity for their 1,800 players. What piqued NFLPI's interest was the partnership with Olympic gold medalist sprinter Usain Bolt, who was added to the free-to-play Temple Run 2 as a 99-cent downloadable character, which showed the marketing potential for sports celebrities in games. It also showcased that a small development team – Imangi has a handful of employees -- could break through the tens of thousands of game apps and succeed.

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gamerlive1698d ago

Cool concept for a game, hope it goes console digital download.

BillytheBarbarian1698d ago

Does that mean EA has nothing to do with it? Please be a sign for something other than Madden this year.

Mr Pumblechook1698d ago

FIFA is the biggest football game in the world.

PanosUchiha1698d ago

yep there is pes and fifa t