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Jake Thomas wrote: "I’ve found it. The most interesting game to come out this year has come from the small Swedish team The Working Parts and takes the form of They Breathe, a horrifying adventure that while short, full of strong game design, and a haunting narrative that surpasses most horror games in recent memory, whether intentional or not."

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MoXxXi2708d ago

That frog sure knows how to breathe really good like.

veegeeeffex2708d ago

It's actually a 2012 game, Mr. Professional Games Journalist.

senorwakko2708d ago

Since you are wanting to go with facts... you are incorrect it was actually released on the 360 in December 2011. It was just released on Steam in the last couple of days.

veegeeeffex2708d ago

When you're right, you're right. It was originally an XBLIG game - I had forgotten.