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Moonman3177d ago (Edited 3177d ago )

Well that solves it! :)

colonel1793177d ago

But why not sell the controller? How many people still have theirs? I haven't had anything GameCube since 2007! Nintendo needs to sell the GameCube controllers again!

-Foxtrot3177d ago

Unless they are.

That controller in the picture has a Smash symbol on it. I wonder if they are new controllers they will bundle in limited editions of the game or with the adapter.

darthv723177d ago

I still have mine. Will be sweet having wavebirds hooked to this for some all out smash bro's brawling.


I still have both my Wavebirds (the GC system also), though I only have one GC controller which I gave to my kids to use on their Wii (they prefer it to the original classic controller). I'm definitely getting one of those adapters though, hope it works with the Wii app. as well as Wii U stuff.

Ilovetheps53177d ago

I still have four gamecube controllers. I'm happy with this announcement.

user95970823177d ago

My launch controllers that have been with me since middleschool work better than ever! I went on a gamecube binge not too long ago and fixed them all up.

Derpy3177d ago (Edited 3177d ago )

I still have all my Gamecube stuff including controllers. There are probably as many gamers out there that hang on to their stuff as there are that sell them. Also Gamecube controllers are a dime a dozen on eBay (new and used), so it's not like people can't get a hold of them.

Not sure I want this adapter for one game though, but if there are signs that other games will support it, I definitely be grabbing one.

BattleAxe3177d ago

Confirmed, the WiiU will now beat the PS4.

iplay1up23176d ago

I have my Wave Bird still. I never got rid of it, because my Wii Played Cube games. Why don't you check out GameStop and Ebay, I am sure you can pick one up and probably cheap.

Panthers3176d ago

I still have all of my Gamecube stuff. So glad I didnt sell it, there are so many good games on that system.

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hellzsupernova3177d ago

This controller is probably the best controller to hold I have ever had the pleasure of using. Smash is the best game to me from Nintendo. It would be hard to choose between the GameCube controller and the dualshock 4 I might call it a tie.

colonel1793177d ago

Yes, the GameCube controller is one of the most comfortable controllers in existence. The only downside I see is the C-Stick, which could be fixed by adding another Analog Stick in its place.

ShadowKingx3177d ago (Edited 3177d ago )

somethings tells me ebay gamecube controllers just went up 10-20

XiSasukeUchiha3177d ago

Thank you Nintendo for the gamecube controller adapter hopefully implemented into other games :) Buying one right now!

3-4-53177d ago

Awesome, Still have my Gamecube and a brand new-ish controller I got a few years back. Can't wait to use it.

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-Foxtrot3177d ago (Edited 3177d ago )

That looks much better then getting a Wii remote, attaching an adapter onto it so you can plug your Gamecube controller in.

However I still think it's a carry on when they could of just made a Gamecube styled controller in the first place when doing the designs of their pro controller.

Moonman3177d ago

Smash fans most likely have a Cube controller already....

-Foxtrot3177d ago (Edited 3177d ago )

Or after all this time since Smash bros Brawl and even Melee they've either lost it, sold it, it's damaged or like me it fully broke.

I really wouldn't want to buy a pre owned one for a bunch of reasons

Moonman3177d ago

@Foxtrot... This probably won't be the only solution for controls, it's just great for the purest fans who only like playing the real

deafdani3177d ago

Wow, after all this time, you still keep going about it?

Nintendo isn't going to make a Gamecube-styled controller for standard use on the Wii U, period. The BAYX configuration of the Gamecube controller is just TERRIBLE for playing classic Virtual Console games. That controller only worked properly with games specifically tailored to it - namely, all Gamecube games, and a few Wii games.

The Pro Controller is the best all-around solution for a controller that plays all kinds of games available on the Wii U, period. Nintendo made the right call on this one.

EliteGameKnight3177d ago

I always thought the BAYX configuration was superb. you had access to all the buttons with little thumb movement, thus allowing for faster reaction.

Plus playing some of the N64 games on the Wii worked well enough, it wouldn't be that hard to make it do the same for NES as it only needs the A and B buttons, which have a good placement next to each other. I can see trouble with the SNES, but I wouldn't mind trying it out at least

-Foxtrot3177d ago (Edited 3177d ago )

The Pro controller is horrible compared to the Gamecube one. They went with something which reassembles an Xbox controller then sticking with their unique Gamecube controller they could of improved on upon each gen.

"for playing classic Virtual Console games."

That's why we had a classic controller. You know why we don't have this problem playing old PS1 games with the DS controller or Xbox games with the 360/One controller....because MS and Sony stuck with their designs and improved on them unlike Nintendo who kept changing it all the time.

BoneBone3177d ago

It isn't just about the actual GCN controller, it's about having a wired connection. Some Pro Smash players are sensitive to the minute you get from wireless controllers.

deadfrag3177d ago

You can wired the Pro controller and the Gamepad;from the moment you connect the cable on this two controllers for recharge on the Wii U they work like wired.I dont know the input lag of the Pro controller in wireless mode but the Gamepad has no input lag from what i have read.

randomass1713176d ago


"because MS and Sony stuck with their designs and improved on them unlike Nintendo who kept changing it all the time."

lol That's kind of ironic given that a lot of people around here seem to think Nintendo just likes doing the same thing over and over. Anyway, I really think your complaints are about as pointless as they could have possibly become. Rather than requiring a Wiimote attachment, you've got an adapter for the original controller and it's apparently still not enough? You have the options there for you. If you don't like them, don't use them.

By the way, I've used the Pro controller as well and it's a dang fine controller and I can say without a doubt it will be an excellent controller for Smash on Wii U.

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iliimaster3177d ago

cant wait for this i really hope this opens up the door for every other game too to me its the best controller ive ever used

DigitalRaptor3177d ago

This is amazing news.

However, more exciting is this kinda (maybe) confirms GameCub games on the Virtual Console. Since Wii U is not backwards compatible, I see not other reason why they would do this just for a control scheme for Smash Bros.

Benjaminkno3177d ago (Edited 3177d ago )

Those were my thoughts. It's too bad they shied away from the pressure sensitive triggers. It could've easily carried over to the wand and 'chuk. It definitely had more potential. DS4 is utilizing the technology now, it's pretty bad ass. Id love to play Sony/MS games with a GameCube controller.

Ghost_Nappa3177d ago

Now, make a proper Paper Mario game and ill buy a wii u and the adapter in a heartbeat.

EliteGameKnight3177d ago

I wouldn't mind if they port 1000 year door on to the Virtual Console. man that game was good, kinda was downhill from there though. :(

Ghost_Nappa3177d ago

Yeah, sticker star was barely even an rpg, let alone a proper paper mario title. At least super paper mario had all the bizarre characters and secrets
You'd expect in a paper mario game.

user95970823177d ago

Considering that I just soldered new joysticks onto all of my old gamecube controllers, I'm super excited for this. This is way better news than the gamecube inspired wii peripheral controller.